“Letting Another Grown Man Raise Your Child … Are You Not Ashamed?”: Russell Wilson’s Happy Birthday Post To His “Amazing Son” Had Twitter Taking Shots at Rapper Future

On Sunday, Russell Wilson gave a heartwarming happy birthday shoutout to his son, Future Zaire, who also happens to be the biological son of rap star Future. 

Happy Bday Future! The big 10!! We are so proud of you and so grateful for you. You are the biggest blessing. An amazing son! The best big brother~~ An absolute baller! So kind and loving! Keep shining, Keep loving. It is our greatest joy watching you grow into the young man God created you to be! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! 

God is good! 

We love you forever!!! @ciara

Of course, Russell’s affection for rapper Future’s biological son, set off a social media stream of opinions and shots aimed at Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn.

Others praised Wilson for stepping up.

The drama surrounding Wilson raising young Future, the biological son of rapper Future who dated Ciara prior to her union with the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, is always fodder for Black Twitter and those looking to start some trouble. 

At one point, when the public was still unsure of how strong and legit Wilson and Ciara’s marriage was, so some took that potential vulnerability as an opportunity to clown Wilson for assuming parental responsibility of another man’s child. A notorious playboy at that. 

Channing Crowder Challenges Russell Wilson’s Manhood

Former NFL player Channing Crowder was the first to take a swing at Russ for accepting his parental duties with his wife, by attacking his character, insinuating that Russ is less of a man than Future because he assumed responsibility for another man’s child and put a ring on her finger.  

“Russell and Ciara. Yeah, if Russell ain’t have that bread, Ciara ain’t going to be with him,” Crowder proclaimed. “Russell’s square, Russell’s square, Russell’s square, Ciara she has a good situation, but you don’t leave Future and get with Russell Wilson.”

Co-hosts Fred Taylor and Ryan Clark tried to interject with Taylor saying, “I think that’s where you’re wrong though; women want peace,” but Crowder did not have the patience to listen. He needed to make a point.

“It’s a type; everybody has a type. You don’t leave Future and get with Russell Wilson; he’s so godd-mn square, and I love him on the field. He’s a square; he’s a f**king square.”

Clark added, “Channing, you go from this level of toxicity, you just want something stable. You want the guy that was sitting with that girl with that big old mouth at the draft that was laughing, and you knew she didn’t deserve to be with him.”

Ciara and Russell Wilson Have Three Kids Of Their Own

When Ciara met Wilson in 2015, she was already a mom to Future Zahir, who is now 10 years old. After tying the knot in 2016, the couple welcomed their eldest daughter, Sienna Princess, who is 7 years old, a year later. Ciara then gave birth to their son, Win Harrison in 2020, and their daughter, Amora Princess, in December 2023.

Social media has always had fun with this topic, and Future has expressed that he’s not happy with his son calling Russ Dad, but he surely doesn’t have the time to worry about that because the boy is taken care of and Future likes to make babies, so stability isn’t his strong suit, dispute his success as an entertainer. 

Future Has Eight Kids Between ages of 4 and 21

In total, Future has eight confirmed children. The eldest of Future’s children is Jakobi Wilburn, born on June 30, 2002, to Jessica Smith. They range in age from 4 to 21 years old. 

Future’s last attempt to throw dirt on Russ and Ciara’s blooming relationship, which has become an example of what many women perceive as the “perfect” union, was back in 2022 when some song lyrics he dropped inferred that he still has sex with his former girlfriend. 

Social media went crazy suggesting that Future’s toxicity was seeping into Russell Wilson’s head and affecting his performance on the field, which was disastrous at times.

Through Russ’ first five games he threw for over 1200 yards, but just four TD passes and three picks, with an uncharacteristic 59.4 completion percentage. He also had an 82.8 passer rating, which was the lowest rating he’s ever had in his career. 

Around the time that the drama started, Russ was coming off another inconsistent game where he threw for 274 yards with no touchdowns and two big interceptions against the Indianapolis Colts. The Broncos lost that game 12-9.

To make matters worse, they suffered that L on prime time “Thursday Night Football,” where once again their inability to generate any type of consistent offense was exposed.

Russ got past that situation and has come up roses. His wife always looks happy, and they are very open and honest with their family and how the world receives them.

Russell Wilson In A Great Situation Financially, With Football and Family

Regardless of the “noise” Wilson is in a great situation. Living what most would call the ideal life for a man. He’s happily married to a beautiful superstar entertainer and his family of six continues to grow. He’s in a great spot with Mike Tomlin as the Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback and he already has pocketed his salary — close to $40 million — for this season. 

Recently, wife Ciara was spotted in a video serving looks and hanging out with Serena Williams, so it’s all the way up for this royal couple. As gangster as they say Future is, Russ’ post celebrating the life and experiences he shares with Future’s son was about as G’d up as it gets.

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