“I Don’t Care What This Man Does, He’s Lame” | Channing Crowder Continues Attack On Russell Wilson, Calling Him A F*ck*ng Duck

Channing Crowder, former NFL linebacker and co-host of “The Pivot Podcast, isn’t a fan of Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. Crowder has continuously unleashed verbal attacks on the star quarterback, calling him lame and corny amongst other things. Even after receiving backlash for his comments, Crowder hasn’t changed his tune, in fact he’s continued his assault on Wilson’s character. All while saying he respects the man he is but negatively identifying him as a “cornball.”

During a recent appearance on the podcast “Mr. Jay Hill Network,” the outspoken Crowder once again praised Wilson and then totally erased all the praise by personally attacking Russ with more cornball references. 

When Hill asked him about his past comments on Wilson, Crowder stood by what he said.

“The Russell Wilson thing. I don’t care what this man does, he’s lame. I don’t need a because!”

“‘Cause He Put Mousse In His Hair, He Slick It Sideways, He Ain’t My Type Of Dude” | Former NFL Player Channing Crowder Continues Verbal Assault On Russell Wilson

Crowder asked Hill if he thought, “Wilson was lame.”

Hill quickly gave Wilson credit for being what a Black should aspire to be.

“No, he’s not lame. First of all, he’s an embodiment of what a Black man should be. He’s good to his wife.”

Crowder responds to Hill, “That doesn’t make you not lame.”

Hill asked, “What makes him lame then?”

Crowder replies, “Do you wanna hang with this m-fer on a Friday night? That’s what lame means. That’s what it is.”

Crowder’s definition of lame is pretty vague and baseless, and hearing him call Wilson a lame is actually kind of confusing. And the reasoning for it is even more awkward.

Crowder Took Bashing Wilson A Step Further: After Giving Him Props

As he’s done in the past, Crowder credits Wilson with being a standup guy as it pertains to being a husband, dad, etc.

“I’ll tell you this. Great husband, great father, he took little Future, another man’s kid under his wing. That’s great. That’s amazing. And I respect that, and I love it. Takes care of his wife. Takes care of his parents. Do everything he needs to. I respect him.”

But in the next breath Crowder bashed him again for being what he considers lame.

“The n*gg* is a f*ck*ng duck …  because of how he talks. You see the videos. You see all the stuff. You see the recent one where he was picking out his suits? He changes up his voice. He’s square. It’s a big problem, but it’s not a big problem.”

So which way is up? Is he cool or lame, because the attributes Crowder describes as good about Wilson are what men everywhere should be striving for. The things he’s calling him lame for is stuff he’s noticing because he may be watching Wilson a little too closely. Maybe Russ isn’t the guy you call to run to the strip club. While Crowder admits he and his wife attend nudist colonies, Russ is more grounded and conservative to his approach — at least publicly. 

“Russell’s Square … You Don’t Leave Future And Get With Russell Wilson” | Channing Crowder Clowns Himself Discussing A Love He Can’t Understand

Wilson Takes It All In Stride: Winning Regardless

No matter what’s being said about Russell Wilson, he’s totally unbothered while sitting on a brand new contract that will pay him $49 million per season. He’s also married to pop star Ciara, and together they purchased the most expensive house in the Denver area upon his trade to the Broncos.

“Coach And Russell Are Not Coach-Player. They’re Partners.” | Russell Wilson Has A Different Relationship With Broncos Head Coach, Will It Lead To More Wins?

Now Wilson and the Broncos have to figure out how to get their offense on track under first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett. Sitting at 2-2 and without star tailback Javonte Williams, who’s out for the season with a torn ACL, Wilson is way more focused on getting back in the win column than anything an ex-player looking for podcast clout has to say. 

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