Adult Film Star Lana Rhoades Keeps The World Guessing Which NBA Player Is Her Baby’s Daddy, But These Hints Make It Clearer

The NBA is experiencing a Maury moment as the world asks one question about adult film star Lana Rhoades’ child: who is the father? She has laid a few carefully placed hints that point to two former teammates on the Brooklyn Nets, and it has left the world speculating if Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin has a story to tell.

Amara Maple, better known as Lana Rhoades, stunned her social media followers during the summer of 2021 when she posted a video on Instagram that lashed out against her baby’s father and revealed that he is an NBA player. Although she didn’t name him, it was clear that she was not happy, and the situation was potentially toxic.

The June 1, 2021, post of a sonogram next to some flowers with a simple caption: “This is the announcement.” The internet first speculated about who the father was, and all eyes were first on podcast host Mike Majlak. Lana and Mike had an off-and-off relationship for years, and they seemed to break up for good in February 2021. However, Majlak quashed those rumors on an episode of Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast.

The co-hosts interviewed Charlamagne Tha God during the conversation. When Majlak informed Charlamagne that Rhoades’ child was with an NBA player, Paul said the name, but it was bleeped out in the video. However, fans believed that Paul said Kevin Durant’s name. Then the speculation grew deeper.

In a video posted to Twitter, she is a place about to shoot hoops and said, “I guess I am a hooper. I did have NBA DNA in me for eight months”.

Then, during Rhoades’s “3 Girls 1 Kitchen” podcast, Rhoades talked about going on a date with a Nets player whose astrological sign was Libra. The internet went aflutter when most Nets players were canceled out. In astrology, Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is the period from Sept. 22 to about Oct. 23. Kevin Durant’s birthday is Sept. 29, 1988, which is all the way Libra.

A Griffin Rises In The East

However, Durant began to be canceled out when Lana revealed the details of the date, which sounded lackluster. She called the mystery date “boring,” indicating he wasn’t “spicy enough” for her taste and that he brought another woman as a “backup date” to their date. The rumors have moved on to a former Nets teammate of Durant’s in Blake Griffin.

The uncanny resemblance to Rhoades’ baby is there, and the internet began to speculate if, in the words of Maury, “Blake, you are the father.” Lana gave birth to her son Milo in January 2022, only sharing one photo of the baby on her Instagram story alongside the caption “Mom life is the best life.” Still, she has been silent on announcing the baby’s father’s name, and Durant and Griffin have not acknowledged the chatter.

The speculation will have to continue with no concrete answers, but as Rhoades drops hint after hint, expect more scrutiny on the players already mentioned and possible new names as Rhoades to the answer get smaller.

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