Rapper Fat Joe Said Kevin Durant Got Chased Out The Rucker By Goons | But Joey Also Said He Lies In Most Of His Raps

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has long had his issues with things said about him via social media. The former league MVP even went as far as to have burner accounts to respond to naysayers speaking on his name.

That wasn’t the case as it pertains to the latest rumor being spread about Durant which stems from a pickup basketball played during the 2011 NBA lockout. 

During the lockout KD and other NBA stars regularly participated in pickup games at New York City’s famed Rucker Park. One game KD went for a reported 82 points while hitting 9-11 from the three point line, including five consecutive at one point.

Rapper Fat Joe who’s had team’s participate in Rucker Park hoop events for years jumped on “The Roommates” podcast to talk about the aftermath of Durant’s huge night. 

Fat Joe Says Other Hoopers Wanted To Resort To Violence

During the segment, Joe, who’s mentioned time and time again that 95 percent of what he raps about is false, had this to say about the comments. 

“He scored like 82 points in the third quarter. He doesn’t like me telling this story but they chased him out of Rucker Park. They wanted to beat him up. He whipped their a** so bad they tried to beat him up out there. He was checking it out and then — whoosh, a three. I was there at the game. He scored like 80 points and I was out there and they chased him into the truck. He had to go.”

Wild story told by Joe, and while he said KD wouldn’t want him telling it, he did, only to have the 14-time All-Star call cap (lies) on what Joe said. It didn’t take long for Durant to take to X to sound off on the situation. 

Durant Debunks Joe’s Notion

Thursday afternoon Durant shared a clip of Joe’s interview and captioned it this. 

“Another podcast lie. It was nothing but respect and love out there that night, didn’t feel unsafe for one second.”

Sounds like Joe was either having fun at KD’s expense or hoping to go viral. It’s safe to say he seemed to do both. As for KD, one thing for sure and two things for certain, KD will defend himself against things said about him on social media. 

The biggest difference now is he isn’t hiding behind burner accounts to do so. 

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