Bars! Kevin Durant Is Finally Outside As A Rapper | How The $300 Million Baller Is Living Out His Backpack Rap Dreams

Kevin Durant is living out his backpack rap dreams. The Slim Reaper dropped the visuals for his guest appearance on the song “Scared Money” with Ohio rapper and former Rick Ross signee Stalley.

Durant recorded the song with Stalley last summer, according to TMZ, and they shot the video a couple of weeks ago in New York City. The choice of Stalley, who is known for his B-side deep cuts more than commercial successes, lends to KD’s natural backpack rapper nature. Durant is more contemplative than boisterous, even though he is richer than most flamboyant rappers today as one of the faces of the NBA.

But with lines like, I wanted more room, so I copped the crib sitting adjacent, he doesn’t shy away from his spending power.

The song is true to form for KD with a no-frills music video that forces the viewer to focus on the words rather than a lot of pop and sizzle. With that focus intact, the normally publicly reticent Durant gives you a mini breakdown of his thoughts.

Check out the lyrics:

Rest in peace to Barbara Davis
We hit another layer
When she speaks to me, its like she’s saying prayers
I feel like Randy Moss when he was on the Raiders
Man, they love to hate us
This woman so fine
I give her cash payments
Baby I’m just so glued to the basics
I wanted more room
So I copped the crib sitting adjacent
In this cruel world, I’m Freddie, Jason
I’m sitting in the places of great but never complacent
Yeah baby, I’m a stoner
Yeah I took that long walk up the hill
That made me a loner
And nah, baby I don’t like being humble
I hang with mongrels
Got to pay attention
There’s a God sitting amongst you
And you know it

In the first line, Durant pays homage to his grandmother, Barbara Davis, who passed in 2022. He then alludes to spending money on his love interests, otherwise colloquially known as “tricking,” which is a statement that is not uncommon when artists discuss relationships in today’s rap music.

Durant also leans into his cannabis smoker lifestyle, calling himself a “stoner.” The Phoenix Suns star has been very transparent over the last few years about his usage of the plant. Last August, he was spotted at Drake’s “It’s All A Blur” tour stop at the KIA Forum in Inglewood, California, blazing up the same Chronic Dr. Dre made even more famous.

It’s not the first time KD has rapped, having dropped his own single titled “Tha Formula” back in 2012. He also is listed as an executive producer on Drake’s EP add-on “For All the Dogs.”

However, Durant predicted his slow ease into the music business as early as 2012.

“I enjoy doing a a lot of different things,” Durant told The Washington Post in August 2012. “I’m talented in a lot of different areas. Rapping is one of those things I just enjoy doing. … I think I’m going to do something. I have some resources and some nice people that’s going to help me out. I have a studio in my house already. Maybe I might put out a little something and have a little something.”

The music video kicks off NBA All-Star activities in Indianapolis this weekend, where KD will play for the Western Conference All-Stars. Durant joins NBA superstars like Nikola Jokic, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Luka Doncic, and LeBron James.

The 13-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year winner, and two-time NBA champion has an estimated net worth of $300 million from basketball and his other business endeavors off the court. KD is locked in for yet another endeavor: a recording artist turned executive producer turned recording artist.

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