“I Still Smash On C” | Russell Wilson Is Struggling, And Fans Are Blaming Rap Star Future For His Downfall

Sounds like there’s trouble in paradise, and Broncos Country does not want the ride that Russell Wilson is producing. Certainly not smooth sailing as he promised.

The Broncos are no doubt the surprise team of the year, but not for any good reason. They have been atrocious, it’s not even debatable, and Wilson has underperformed compared to the projections he had coming into a new situation with Denver.

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While many blame it on a new system, a new coach, and a new team, others are blaming it on the resurgence of Wilson’s superstar wife Ciara’s ex-boyfriend and son’s father, Future. 

As hilarious of a take as that is, Future, real name Nayvadius Wilburn, has been stirring up a lot of drama and controversy after he was featured on a song by Florida rapper Real Boston Richey called “Bullseye 2,” where he alleges that he’s still having sex with his ex. 

“If my n***a wasn’t Jigga, I’m the type to go after B

And I still smash on C”

Of course, the song is getting the desired controversial effect as many fans speculate that “C” is Ciara. Future and Ciara were a superstar couple, and now Wilson and Ciara are as well, but their relationship has been in the spotlight of plenty of media outlets because of the dynamic of men that Ciara seems to attract. 

Future is considered by many to be a very toxic person through his music and his actions. So to insinuate that he still is hooking up with the wife of the Denver Broncos quarterback is insane, and while there are no truths to this rumor that we are aware of so far, it has to be insane that this is even being bought up in music. 

Future’s level of toxicity has boiled up to a point where he isn’t just alleging that he still has sex with Ciara, but he also claims that if he wasn’t cool with Jay-Z, also known as Jigga, he’d go after B, Beyoncé, Jay-Z’s wife. That’s insane. His music knows no bounds when it comes to lacking humility. And far too many men have gotten comfortable taking shots at someone who never says a negative word. 


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Future’s Toxicity Messing With Russ? 

While no one has spoken on the matter so far, fans are just assuming that Future’s toxicity is seeping into Russell Wilson’s head and affecting his performance on the field. 

In five games so far, Russell Wilson has thrown for over 1200 yards, but only has four touchdown passes to three interceptions, with an uncharacteristic 59.4 completion percentage. He also has an 82.8 passer rating, which is the lowest rating he’s ever had in his career. 

He’s coming off another inconsistent game where he threw for 274 yards with no touchdowns and two big interceptions against the Indianapolis Colts. The Broncos lost that game 12-9. To make matters worse, they suffered that L on prime time “Thursday Night Football,” where once again their inability to generate any type of consistent offense was exposed. His poor decision-making was underscored on the final play of the game when he ignored a wide-open K.J Hamler in favor of throwing to a blanketed receiver on a play that sealed their defeat.

Many fans wonder if the pressure of Russell Wilson’s struggles, combined with the recent success Future has seen in his musical career are dampening his play. 

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Opposing fans are using this as a way to troll and spook Wilson. Before the Broncos-Raiders game, they were playing Future’s music over the PA system to get into Wilson’s head. Safe to say it worked. The Broncos lost that game as well, and that was the only win the Raiders picked up so far. 

Russell Wilson has a beautiful wife and family, but for fans to troll him and his play by using his family is only going to get funnier and more creative. Future has always seemed a bit resentful that Wilson is raising Future Jr. as his own.

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Supporters of the rap starm such as “Pivot Podcast” co-host Channing Crowder, have publicly called Wilson a bunch of demeaning names, so No. 3 is getting it from all sides right now. Let’s see if he overcomes this latest barrage of doubt. 

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