Russell Wilson Is Fastest QB To 100 Wins | He’s Showing Us How To Win In Life

Since the Seattle Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft, he’s been nothing short of sensational.

Wilson has been an all-time great quarterback, and when we measure the GOATs of the game we measure them in wins. Isn’t that why Tim Brady is considered the greatest of all time?

Keeping It 100

Well, when it comes to winning, Wilson recently accomplished something that no quarterback can claim. Wilson became the fastest QB in NFL history to 100 wins.

The 5-foot-10 mold-breaking, dual-threat general was never projected to be this special. He’s outlasted the top two picks of the 2012 draft. They were both quarterbacks (Andrew Luck & RG3), who never won a championship and don’t even play in the league anymore.

Defying The Odds

After spending three seasons at N.C. State, Wilson transferred to Wisconsin for his senior season.
During his college tenure Wilson was able to play in two pro-style offenses. The coaching and tutelage he received in those systems enhanced his preparation for the pro game.
Wilson expected to be the backup to Matt Flynn upon arriving in Seattle after being drafted in the third round, but Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll handed the young, unheralded rookie the starting job. Carroll saw something in Wilson beyond his height and other limitations. He had intangibles that made his talents even more impactful.

The Arrival Of A Franchise Changer

In 2012, as Wilson arrived so did the Seahawks as a team. With Marshawn Lynch as the franchise back, and a defense we’d come to know as the “Legion of Boom,” the ’Hawks had some real pieces.
The addition of Wilson was huge, but in the same draft they landed the quarterback of their defense in linebacker Bobby Wagner.
Wilson and Wagner are the only two players left on the roster from that season. They embody everything you’d want in a leader and remain the faces of the franchise.
Wilson was drafted to a team built on a powerful running game, strong defense and solid special teams.

Game Manager

All Wilson was asked to do early in his career was manage the game and protect the ball and do some high-wired disappearing acts when necessary.
Wilson has done this at the highest level since being drafted, and he’s done nothing but win since he came into the league.
As he’s matured, his responsibility in the passing game has grown and he’s accepted the responsibility of basically carrying the offense the past four seasons.
Russ has led the Seahawks to the playoffs in every season but two, while starting all 164 games during his career, appearing in two Super Bowls, winning one.
Wilson’s toughness, intelligence and unrivaled durability are just some of the traits that make him special.

Overcoming Adversity

To win 100 of your first 164 starts is amazing. He’s overcome some adversity during this journey. No matter how hard things get, you can always count on a smile and a positive word of encouragement from Wilson after the game.
Who can forget the interception in the end zone in the Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots?
Or the time some of the Seahawks defensive players —  namely, Richard “Never Met A Mic I Didn’t Like” Sherman — called Wilson out after a bad showing in a loss to Green Bay.

Sherman wanted to confront Wilson in private but almost came to fisticuffs with defensive end Michael Bennett, who vehemently objected to the notion.

Russ is the franchise and will be protected as such. Anyone trying to challenge is leadership will be shipped out. Sherman found that out the hard way, getting cut by the Seahawks prior to the 2018 season and joining the Niners.
Before a matchup with the ’Hawks that season, “The Shermanator” was asked about a reunion of sorts against his former team and quarterback.
When asked what Wilson was capable of Sherman responded:
“Yeah I’ve seen him throw five picks in a game, so you see what he’s capable of in both sides of it. You understand that he can be defended.”
This is just some of the disdain spewed toward the great Russell Wilson, who’s also been badmouthed by rapper Future, who shares a son with Wilson’s R&B-singing wife Ciara.

The Perfect Company Man

Through it all Russell has handled himself with class and grace while never allowing himself to be sucked into back-and-forths that would make great media sound bites.

He’s married to Ciara, and Future is in and out of court ducking paternity suits and child-support payments from his various mothers of his children. Sherman recently had a drunken, violent episode at his parents-in-laws home.

Wilson is chilling and winning games and setting things up for a political career after football. Can you say Wilson for governor? Why not? All he does is win.

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