“Put That Sh*t On, Pittsburgh” | Mike Tomlin’s Steelers Celebrate OT Win & Shout Antonio Brown By Busting Out Former Wide Receiver’s Signature Dance

Antonio Brown’s dance is sweeping the sports world, and he’s even gotten his former coach into the swing of things as well.

Mike Tomlin — who isn’t the biggest Brown fan dating back to how their relationship soured before Brown exited Pittsburgh — is now aboard the “put that sh** on AB” culture train, and he and his players are another example of athletes who are in tune with pop culture and embraced the jiggy dance by the former Steeler.

Say What You Want About Antonio Brown, But He’s Making The World “Put That Sh*t On”


After Pittsburgh wrapped up their exciting season debut with a controversial win over the defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals, they began to celebrate and turn up in the locker room. With music blasting loud, and spirits high after that close win, many Steelers players began to dance around and laud each other and their coach. The signature dance they performed was Antonio Brown’s dance that he debuted at Rolling Loud a few months ago and has now taken on a viral life of its own. 



The complementary dance to his most recent hit “Put That Sh** On,” off of his latest album “Paradigm,” is what we’ve seen a bunch of athletes and a few celebrities doing throughout the last month. 

What is trending on social media since Pittsburgh’s win on Sunday is head coach Mike Tomlin participating in the dance as well, and judging by the video that’s going viral on social media, Tomlin’s got the whole dance down pat. His rhythm is on perfect timing with his players, and his motion looks absolutely smooth. 

Mike Tomlin, 50, still has a youthful approach to years of stressful sideline-stalking, as evidenced by his dance skills. This comes just a few short days after he gifted his team Black Air Forces Ones, trying to adopt the “take no prisoners” approach that the shoe carries in pop culture.

He can roll with the best of them, and he is every bit as youthful as his players are as well, based off of these demonstrations.

What makes this celebration even more iconic, besides the obvious fact that Tomlin was once Antonio Brown’s coach, is the nature of the win they picked up on Sunday. The narrow 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals had to be the main proponent in causing such a high energy celebration and uncharacteristically raucous mood in what usually is a reserved locker room. 

Pittsburgh’s defense picked off Joe Burrow four times, including a pick six by Minkah Fitzpatrick, en route to their win, sealed by a field goal in OT. Reigning defensive player of the Year TJ Watt had a monster performance with an insane interception at the line of scrimmage where he jumped up in the process of dealing with a block to catch the ball. Along with that tremendous display of athleticism and focus, he tallied up a sack and three of his six tackles were for a loss.

This game by Watt was shaping up to be a warning shot to the rest of the AFC North that he’s not to be taken lightly … until he exited the game late in the 4th quarter with a torn pectoral. 

While Watt’s injury was the bittersweet lowlight of this game, his efforts weren’t wasted as the Steelers were able to get the game-winning field goal in OT to secure the win. 

The Steelers and Tomlin couldn’t have started their season off better than a victory over the defending AFC champs. It’s only fitting that they celebrate with the most popular dance in sports right now, which was created by a guy Mike Tomlin knew all too well in another life. 

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