WATCH: Giants HC Brian Daboll Shows Guts, Gets The Glory And Dances In Locker Room To Celebrate

It’s only one game, and it’s the first game of the season, but New York Giants rookie head coach Brian Daboll showed he’s not afraid to gamble. In the Giants 21-20 win over the Tennessee Titans, Daboll decided to go for a two-point conversion and the win after a late touchdown.

The Giants converted and held off a late Titans drive. Following the game Daboll showed off his dance moves in the locker room.

The Giants haven’t had a winning record since 2016 and that was the last time the team won its season opener.

Daboll is definitely working to change the culture and increase the enthusiasm within the organization. Aggressive play calling down the stretch that leads to wins, will go a long way in changing that culture and endearing Daboll to his players.

“I said, ‘We score, we’re going for two.’ I said, ‘Are you guys good with that?’ And they said, ‘F yeah.'”

“Go for the win,” Daboll said. “We’re going to be aggressive. That is what we want to do. That is the mindset I want the players to have. If it didn’t work, I can live with it. I thought that was the right decision.”

Obviously, the Giants are going to have their first winning season in six years, win the division, and win the Super bowl.

OK, so that’s probably not going to happen, but winning is an incredible elixir and given how the team won the game it will certainly buoy them as they head into practice this week.

Besides the aggressive play call and executing, the Giants have some things to be proud of from week one.

Running back Saquon Barkley looked like the 2018 No. 2 overall pick. The Penn State product had 164 yards on the ground on 18 carries, including a touchdown. On defense the Giants limited Derrick Henry to 82 yards on 21 carries.

Maligned Giants quarterback Daniel Jones led the team on a game-winning drive.

“It was an exciting one for us to kind of come back there at the end of the game,” said Jones. “It wasn’t perfect. The first half wasn’t great, especially from an offensive standpoint. So, to stick with it, fight down the stretch and come out on top was exciting for us. We’ve played a lot of close games these past few years, so it feels good to finish one, to come out on top and be able to celebrate in the locker room.”
This is a make-or-break season for Jones. New general manager Joe Schoen and Daboll are giving him every chance to succeed. If he’s unable to deliver results he will assuredly be replaced.
The Giants had 19 rushing attempts (for 160 yards) compared to only 12 passes (for 153 yards) through three quarters. The running game is clearly ahead of the passing game, and a good running game is exactly what Jones needs to protect himself.
The Giants’ next game will be their home opener on September 18 against the Carolina Panthers.

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