Rajon Rondo Proposes To “Side Piece” Latoia Fitzgerald After He Was Accused Of Pulling A Gun On His Children’s Mother A Few Months Ago

Rajon Rondo is a newly committed man. The two-time NBA champion popped the question to Latoia Fitzgerald during New York Fashion Week. Rondo’s new boo is a fashion designer and owner of the Lionne brand, so the proposal during the celebration of new fashion was apropos.

However, the proposal comes a few months after Rondo was accused by his longtime girlfriend and mother of his children, Ashley Bachelor, of allegedly pulling a gun on her. Additionally, it was alleged that Rondo threatened to kill her during a heated altercation, and the Bachelor claimed that their kids witnessed the whole thing.

Bachelor, 36, filed for an emergency protective order in Louisville based on the incident and requested protection for herself and her son and daughter. Rondo allegedly was playing video games with his son when Bachelor asked the boy to separate laundry. Bachelor says Rajon became enraged and ripped the game console from the wall in front of the child.

Rajon then reportedly remained destructive and began smashing items like outdoor lights, trash cans, and even a teacup, all while his children were watching. While Bachelor tried to calm Rondo down and ease her children’s anxiety, she alleged that Rondo made a statement that could only be perceived as a threat.

“You’re dead,” Bachelor alleged Rondo to have said before leaving and then eventually returning about 15 minutes later. That’s when Bachelor says Rondo allegedly approached the back door and began knocking on the window with a gun. At first, Bachelor says she didn’t know what was going on, so she approached the door from the inside to take a look. She allegedly saw Rondo with the gun and asked him to stop because she and the children were afraid.

However, Bachelor reportedly said that Rondo wouldn’t listen and instead pressed on, yelling, “Go get my f**king son!”

Rondo and Latoia’s relationship reportedly coincided with his relationship with Bachelor. At the time of the alleged gun incident, Latoia Fitzgerald was allegedly referred to by Bachelor and her friends as “the side piece,” but now she is en route to being Rondo’s wife. Fitzgerald has been featured in the past as a “The Designer You Need To Know” by Essence magazine. She was one of the many beneficiaries of the highlighting of Black entrepreneurs in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd.

Rajon Rondo’s Reputation Daggered With Accusations Of Domestic Violence, Death Threats, Abusive Parenting

“Lionne received a lot of positive publicity. As a Black female-owned business, I’m grateful because a lot more people are now aware of my brand,” Fitzgerald said to Essence. “Times like this have made people aware and reminded those who may have forgotten how important it is to support each other.”

Fitzgerald launched her line in 2018, and Lionne has become an emerging luxury fashion house. The items range in style but give a sultry aesthetic that includes lace, cutouts, and sheer moments. “Keeping queens in mind,” according to the marketing.

Although there have been some precarious situations in Rajon Rondo’s love life, perhaps this next step is in the right direction, focusing on healing and not the alleged toxicity.

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