Mike Tomlin Did Host Local Kids At Steelers’ Training Camp, But Adults Involved Are Disputing Jay Glazer’s Report That Tomlin Broke Up A Fight And Randomly Brought Kids To Camp

A random act of kindness may not have been random after all. On Thursday “Fox NFL Sunday” reporter Jay Glazer tweeted out that Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin saw some kids fighting while driving his car and got out to break it up. After breaking up the fight he invited the kids to the Steelers’ training camp. Great story. But some adults who ostensibly are associated with the kids in the community say it’s not true.

A social media user with the name Christy Houston Porter says that Tomlin has known these kids in the community since 2020.

“Coach Tomlin has been a fixture in the Sheraden Community with the kids at The Jasmine Campus since 2020. After this particular visit to the Jasmine Nyree Campus he invited the kids to Steelers Training Camp.”

In another post on a different social media platform a user with the same name, Christy Houston Porter, said attorneys will be contacting Glazer over the headline.

“Coach Tomlin has a relationship with these kids from the Jasmine Nyree Campus, not from a fight in the streets. Jay Glazer has 24 hours to remove this story or my attorney will be contacting him.”

Other than the name Christy Houston Porter, we have no other information on this user. But that might be enough.

If this user is in fact Christy Houston Porter, she is the CEO & Founder of The Jasmine Nyree Campus, a multi-service campus to provide the very best in comprehensive special education services to consumers and their families. She is also the wife of Steelers’ great Joey Porter.

The campus was created and named in honor of their daughter, Jasmine Nyree Porter, who was born with autism.

Glazer is a respected media member so maybe there is a good explanation. But if not, this is a terrible look. What possible reason would there be to make this up? If that is what happened.

The relationship between the media and the public is not good. There is mistrust and it’s not just limited to sports. It’s every single sector. If there was some untoward reason a headline or storyline was created, all that does is deepen the mistrust.

Was Tomlin asked about the alleged fight he broke up? The video and tweet from Glazer has over 5,800 retweets, it was no doubt seen my millions. It’s likely many reporters covering Steelers camp saw it and retweeted. Did anyone ask for more details? Or did everyone just run with the “feel good” story?

By the way if there was no fight and Tomlin invited kids from a local community campus to camp, that would also be a “feel good” story.

Glazer has not posted anything about Steelers camp since yesterday when he congratulated running back Najee Harris, for a job well done helping the kids.

News media outlets and personalities are all competing for mindshare and attention these days in an overwhelmingly crowded space. Many resort to low-level tactics to capture that attention. We don’t know if that is the case in this incident, but stay tuned to this developing story.

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