OBJ Smokes Ramsey In Return To NFL Action, But Jags Get The Win

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey has a better team than NY Giants star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and believe it or not, a bigger mouth. Ramseys proclamation as the leagues top shutdown corner was put to the test on Sunday in the Jags 20-15 season-opening win over Big Blue. 

Ramsey got the dub, but he also got obliterated by OBJ who was surprisingly calm and very effective in his one-on-ones with Ramsey, grabbing eight catches for 92 yards. OBJ finished the game with 11 catches for 111 yards and no TDs, but it should have been much worse as he was open all day and Eli Manning just missed him on several opportunities. Ramsey was lucky to get out of there alive and I’m sure he didn’t mind the times when he wasn’t matched up with OBJ. 

Jalen Ramsey on Twitter

To all the “fans” that feel so-called mad you didn’t see enough of “the matchup”, maybe you should be a fan of another sport because football is played 11on11 not 1on1 all game! God bless

OBJs return can be considered a smashing success. The blond bomber looked agile, focused and his speed is still there. Monday nights game was the first time OBJ took the field in an NFL game since he underwent surgery to repair a fractured ankle suffered in a loss against the Los Angeles Chargers in October of 2017. 

All week, the media harped on the clash between the NFL’s most high-profile trash-talkers, hoping that it could create another Josh Norman situation, but OBJ has maintained that he’s matured since then and wouldn’t let Ramsey take him out of his pro flow. 

“I think I learned my lesson,” said Beckham, who has been baited before, by Josh Norman late in the 2015 season. “[Ramsey] is, if not the best, one of the best corners in the league. There is no way around it.”

Having to go against one of the leagues top corners was a tough draw for OBJ in his return to the Giants, but Beckham Jr. proved he’s still the go-to guy that he was before the injury and the recent $95 million contract. Its now up to his aging quarterback to get the ball to him when hes open, which was early and often against Ramsey on Sunday. 

Joseph Barracato on Twitter

Really good read @PLeonardNYDN — Eli Manning can’t be excused from blame anymore – he has to be better, with missed chances to Odell Beckham Jr. costing the Giants https://t.co/7mf4LKlGwt

Manning underthrew OBJ for a walk in TD in the 1st quarter. He also overthrew OBJ on a potential TD in the 2nd half, along with a bunch of other errant throws. The numbers against Ramsey could have been much worse and the Jags tough-talking corner with an opinion about every player in the league needs to look in the mirror today and ask himself why OBJ got the best of him. Ramsey didn’t do too much talking on Sunday either. He didnt have time. He was too busy helping the high-powered Jags defense try and contain two of the NFL’s best offensive weapons in OBJ and rookie running back Saquon Barkley. 

Big Blue United on Twitter

Jaguars didn’t allow a 100 yard rusher & 100 yard receiver in the same game in all of 2017. Barkley & Beckham Jr did just that in Week 1 this season. There are definitely positives to build off of after yesterday’s game. #GiantsPride

Anyway, you slice it, Ramsey is 0-1 against the NFL’s top receivers this season. 

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