NBA Fans Foolishly Predicting Anthony Edwards and Minnesota To Defeat Nikola Jokic and World Champion Nuggets Are Prisoners Of The Moment

Anthony Edwards stunned a Denver Nuggets team still showing the effects of a series with the L.A. Lakers that was tougher than its 4-1 results suggest. The legend of Ant-Man continues to grow as he dropped 43 points in 42 minutes in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals to lead the T-Wolves to a 106-99 win over the defending NBA champions.

NBA fans might be premature in picking Minnesota to beat Denver Nuggets in Western Conference semifinals, just because they won Game 1
NBA fans might be premature in picking Anthony Edwards (left) the and Minnesota Timberwolves to beat Nikola Jokic (right) and Denver Nuggets in Western Conference semifinals just because Minnesota won Game 1. (Photos: Getty Images)

Edwards’ popularity has been growing as his team consistently wins games. Earlier in the season, after a few poster slams, Davis was garnering Kobe and Michael Jordan comparisons. His all-around scoring ability and athleticism and tenacious defensive efforts had analyst, fans and rose ready to retire LeBron James singing his praises.

Anthony Edwards Leads Minnesota To Game 1 Win Over Nuggets

Now that he was able to deliver a clutch Game 1 performance to set the tone for the conference semis the hyperbole is flowing, and people are indicating that the Game 1 win means that Minnesota is going to win the seven-game series.

It’s prisoner of the moment banter, but such is the way of social media. Once you get to the semifinals, usually every single team is pretty well-rounded and capable of winning a game or two out of seven games against any opponent.

Edwards’ performance was impressive and it could indicate that it’s Minnesota’s time to dispense of the NBA Champions and elevate to that next level.

Everyone rooting for Anthony Edwards to become the new face of the NBA is hoping that the T-Wolves can pull it off. Some are even talking sweep.

What About The Defending World Champions?

It’s like everyone forgot that the Nuggets have Nikola Jokic, an MVP and Conference Finals MVP, leading their team, along with one of the most clutch guards in playoff history in Jamal Murray. Last season, Denver was 16-4 en route to winning the whole ball of wax. It will be more challenging this season with a target on their backs and young, brazen and energetic playmakers ready to take the throne and ascend to the next level.

When Allen Iverson Stole Game 1 From Shaq and Kobe

The list of teams who have won the first game of a series and lost the series is too numerous to mention. The most memorable Game 1 win in recent memory is Allen Iverson leading the undermanned Philadelphia 76ers to a Game 1 NBA Finals win over the L.A. Lakers, who were in the midst of dynasty led by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

“The Answer” dropped 48 points and led the Sixers to an improbable win over the juggernaut team that had won 19 games in a row to that point and then would go on to steamroll through the rest of the series.

Sure, the magnificence of Iverson gave Philly fans some hope, but everyone knew he would not be enough to defeat the Lakers in a series. Edwards arguably has much more help than Iverson with Karl Anthony-Towns and Ruy Gobert contributing at All-Star levels.

Can Anthony Edwards and Timberwolves Really Beat Denver Nuggets?

The veteran leadership of pure point guard Mike Conley is an undeniable advantage as well. But just last year people were talking about a possible dynasty run with Joker and Denver. Now, Edwards and a playoff-green T-Wolves team is going to defeat them? That would be a huge jump for that squad. It usually takes some bumps and bruises and tough series losses. Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Don’t count Denver and coach Mike Malone out too soon. Any talk of Minnesota winning this series is premature, so root but don’t blow the rent money on being a prisoner of the moment.

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