“If You Didn’t Watch Mike, You Can Watch Ant. He’s Like Michael Jordan” | 51-Point Explosion Says Jaden McDaniels Might Be Right About Anthony Edwards

Jaden McDaniels is a 23-year-old talented NBA forward trying to find his way in the league, and he’s fortunate enough to be playing with a rising Minnesota Timberwolves team alongside Anthony Edwards, one of the new faces of the NBA. 

McDaniels got another front row seat to Anthony’s ascension on Tuesday night, when Edwards scored a career-high 51 points in a crucial 130-121 comeback victory over Washington at Target Center.

Edwards, the 22-year-year old phenom, has been carrying a huge load with fellow superstar Karl Anthony-Towns sidelined by knee surgery to a partially torn meniscus since March 4. In Towns’ absence, Ant-Man’s been averaging more than 25 points per game, almost seven rebounds and 5.5 assists to lead the Timberwolves to an 12-5 record. 

Entering the last three games of the season, Minnesota is in control of its own fate to grab the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference playoffs which would be a huge accomplishment, starting with a battle for the No. 1 seed with the World Champion Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night.

AntMan Drops 51: The Michael Jordan Comparison Won’t Go Away For Anthony Edwards  

Because of the absence of several stars this season, who have been in and out of the lineup, Edwards’ workhorse consistency and availability, has elevated him to a spotlight in the league. Some have even begun comparing him to Michael Jordan — no, not the actor, the actual basketball god, who is still considered The GOAT by the majority of basketball fans. 

Most have brushed this off as hyperbole, but McDaniels won’t let it die out, and he’s cosigning it for the generation who never got a chance to see MJ play live (which would include Daniels as well). 

“He’s like Michael Jordan,” McDaniels, who’s averaged 10.6 points per game as a small forward, told one sports publication. “If you didn’t watch Mike, you can watch Ant.” He’s like Michael Jordan. That’s all I can say, he’s like Michael Jordan.

When asked what makes Edwards comparable to MJ, McDaniels replied enthusiastically: 

“They’re relentless. They’ve got the athleticism, fadeaway, mid-range and all of that.” 

Edwards was all of that during his career-high scoring output. With his assistant coach turning 50 this week and 50 cent in the audience, Edwards put on a Jordanesque show.

Jaden McDaniels Says Watching Antman Is Same As Watching Michael Jordan

Edwards is certainly on the rise in the NBA hierarchy of stars. He’s not only performing at an elite level every night, but his team is winning and, despite his scoring ability, the organization and his teammates agree that his improved decision-making and passing are what have elevated him to a Top 3 level in the game. 

His confidence is probably what makes Daniels compare him to the greatest athlete to ever touch a basketball. I will still call major hyperbole on that, but it does give us clear insight into how respected and revered Ant Man is by his other teammates, which explains why role players such as McDaniels award such lofty praise. 

Now, McDaniels being just 23 is a reason to totally ignore that man when he compares Edwards to Jordan. McDaniels couldn’t begin to understand the impact Jordan had on the game or how effective he was as a basketball player. Or how fundamentally sound he was.

A couple of ridiculous in-game dunks isn’t enough to warrant a Jordan comparison.

It is, however, a great standard to try to reach. For now, Edwards is a bunch of scoring titles, six championships, a bunch of first-team All-NBA selections, a couple slam dunk championships and 100 Nike commercials away from reaching Jordan levels. 

That journey starts with this year’s 2024 playoffs, where no team is a clear favorite to win it all. With Towns cleared for full-contact, 5-on-5 basketball activities and progressing toward his return, Edwards and the crew are gearing up for the time of year that made Michael Jordan the second-greatest winner in NBA history behind Bill Russell and the unofficial logo. 

Can’t wait to see what the young boy got. His teammates already think he’s Jordanesque and if he keeps dropping 50 and winning, who knows what the future holds.

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