Mike Tyson Speaks, Blueface Listens | Iron Mike Offers Wisdom About Overcoming His Own Domestic Violence Issues To Help Rapper and Chrisean Rock’s Fractured Relationship

Is this the breakthrough one of the most controversial public couples needed in their lives and their relationship? Mike Tyson hopes so. 

The former boxing legend welcomed Los Angeles rapper Blueface and his girlfriend, rapper Chrisean Rock to his podcast “Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson,” and the main subject that stuck out in this episode was domestic violence. More specifically, Tyson and the couple discussed both of their domestic violence issues. 

Mike Tyson Talks Domestic Violence With Blueface and Chrisean Rock

Blueface and Chrisean are regularly seen arguing and getting into nasty, physical fights in public, at radio shows and podcasts and in their own home. It has gotten so bad that even when Chrisean’s family (father and brother) tried to step in, Blueface fought them as well. 

Plenty of times the two have left each other with scratches, marks, bruises, and other sorts of injuries. This whole toxic relationship has been well documented by the internet and there’s no disputing that the two have a love-hate relationship with each other. Especially because Blueface has tried to end the relationship with her, and there’s speculations that Chrisean has other celebrity rappers as suitors for her and her affection.

Blueface has publicly disputed her claims that he is the father of her unborn baby, and their entire Twitter feed is really personal beefs played out on social media to monetize and for the world to discuss.

Mike Tyson wanted to discuss this destructive relationship on his podcast, and he was as ruthless as he was in the ring. 

According to Vibe, Tyson claims that Blueface likes it when Chrisean would fight him and “beat him up.”

Blueface tried to offer an explanation of the physical relationship they have, but he couldn’t do a good job of making sense of it.

“Nah. It’s kinda weird, honestly,” Blueface said. “It’s like a weird situation to be in, it’s like you wanna fight, but it’s like … I don’t know.” 

But Mike Tyson, acting as the father figure trying to pass knowledge down was able to draw on the personal experience and emotion from his marriage with his wife to offer up advice.

“Me and my wife used to fight, but we stopped fighting,” Tyson revealed to Blueface and Chrisean. “Once we stopped drinking, we stopped fighting.” 

Mike Tyson Talks TO Blueface Man To Man

After that exchange, Blueface and Mike Tyson had a self-reflective conversation with each other about their motives for the fighting and how it made them feel. 

Blueface figured that the fighting and the violence “don’t be worth it,” and that all the consequences that can come from the constant fighting could far outweigh whatever views or audience they could possibly gain. 

After his reflective statement about himself, he questioned Tyson why he and his wife fought, to which Iron Mike was much more forthcoming with his reasoning. 

Tyson claims that their fights were more about his jealousy and how insecure he felt when noticing other men observing her and looking at her, as well as trying to get with her, a similar situation Blueface is now dealing with Chrisean. He also claims that he was an “idiot” for fighting her, as well as acting aggressively and jealously about her and the interest she garners from other men.

Tyson could stand to give Blue some training lessons for his next celebrity boxing match as well.

Hopefully, Blueface and Chrisean listen to the humility and transparency of Mike Tyson as a lesson about their relationship and they can trend in the right direction.

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