Mike Tyson Not Looking So “Iron” Spotted In A Wheelchair At An Airport | First A Cane, And Now This?

Mike Tyson has become even more ever-present in pop culture now than when he was fighting, and the world gets protective when they feel the champ isn’t in his best physical state. Recently, reports that “Iron Mike” was seen in a Miami airport in a wheelchair had people concerned and buzzing about the state of the former heavyweight champion’s health.

Tyson recently confirmed that he moved to Miami with his family.

However, it seems that Tyson is just being careful with a lingering back issue he has sustained since being a professional athlete. Back in late July, Tyson was spotted out in New York City and he apparently needed a cane to get around. Limping heavily, the 56-year-old gripped a walking stick, but it wasn’t for anything new.

“He’s dealing with a sciatica every now and then it flares up. When it flares up I can’t even talk,” Tyson said to on “The Record” with Greta Van Sustren. “I’m in splendid health, yeah.”


However, folks have been watching Tyson closely ever since he declared on his podcast, Hotboxin’ w/ Mike Tyson, back in Julythat he felt “my expiration date” is “coming close.”

“When I look in the mirror, I see those little spots on my face, I say, ‘Wow!’ That’s my expiration date coming close, really soon,” the former youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history said.

Tyson continued by alerting the world that he does not value money because it does not provide the security one needs to live one’s life fully.

“That means you’re not going to catch a disease? You can’t get hit be a car?” he asked. “You can’t jump off a bridge?” Tyson comforted his audience, assuring them that although he doesn’t think about death frequently, his religion provides the faith needed to move forward in life. “It all comes down to getting on your f**king knees,” he continued.

Tyson is currently the feature of a series on Hulu titled “Mike,” which chronicles his life as a street kid from Brownsville, Brooklyn, that stole and was in and out of juvenile detention centers before becoming the youngest heavyweight champion of the world. The eight-episode limited series claims to “examine class in America, race in America, fame and the power of media, misogyny, the wealth divide, the promise of the American Dream and ultimately our own role in shaping Mike’s story.

However, “Mike” is an unauthorized look at the life of Mike Tyson, and the former champ has been very vocal about using his life story. He has reportedly worked on his biopic with actor Jaimie Foxx for years.

“Don’t let Hulu fool you. I don’t support their story about my life. It’s not 1822. It’s 2022. They stole my life story and didn’t pay me. To Hulu executives, I’m just a n****r they can sell on the auction block,” Tyson declared on social media in early August.

“Hulu tried to desperately pay my brother [UFC president] Dana White millions without offering me a dollar to promote their slave master take over story about my life. He turned it down because he honors friendship and treating people with dignity. I’ll never forget what he did for me, just like I’ll never forget what Hulu stole from me.

“Hulu stole my story. They’re Goliath and I’m David. Heads will roll for this. Hulu is the streaming version of the slave master. They stole my story and didn’t pay me. Hulu’s model of stealing life rights of celebrities is egregiously greedy.”

We must protect Mike Tyson at all costs, and while watching his health, we are also watching the world continue to take advantage of his unique legacy.

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