Chrisean Rock Is A Generational Athlete | Rapper Blueface’s Girlfriend Is The Athlete You’ve Probably Heard Of For The Wrong Reasons

Chrisean Rock could be one of the biggest “what-if” stories of the century. She has astounding athletic abilities, and has shown plenty of flashes of brilliance and athletic dominance, which would make any outsider looking in ponder the question, how great would she have been?

Girlfriend of the West Coast rapper Blueface, Rock has been in the news for plenty of reasons lately, including drama, sports, and music. 

The 22-year-old rapper signed to Blueface’s record label in 2020, and since then has gone on to begin dating the rapper. But there has been a lot of drama between them, specifically a lot of toxic altercations between them such as public fights, verbal altercations, and Rock even went as far as going on a rampage inside of Blueface’s house, breaking glass, and refusing to leave. 




The type of toxic relationship they have is apparent as well by the multiple bodily features she has representing Blueface. She has multiple tattoos of the rapper featuring a tattoo of his face, and his name. She lost her front tooth during a fight on Blueface’s OnlyFans reality club, Blue Girls Club. So now that her celebrity is growing, she wanted to fill that gap up, so how does she go about doing that? She gets a new tooth with a picture of Blueface on it that she will not remove.

With her love and hate relationship with Blueface, and the constant drama she envelops herself in, the media is having a field day with her. But what has been extremely overlooked is her sports and athletics background. 

In a ShadeRoom interview, she explained that she used to be a D1 athlete and was a track star. She also explains how she started running track, and that she was training for the Junior Olympics. 



“I was in the junior Olympics, but I started training when I was 12, or 11, or something. My big brother put me in it, and then junior olympics until I was 17.” Rock explained.

“I had an opportunity to go D1, but then I ended up going to a two-year college, which was in Northern Cali” Rock finished.

She then briefly talks about how she didn’t really want to do school, but she knew she was one of the fastest runners in her area, but ultimately didn’t pursue track anymore because she wanted to do other things.

“I didn’t really want to go to school, but I was also fast and telling god, like hey, I want to be an actor.”

Rock had bigger dreams than being a track star, but as she worked her way up to fame in her music and acting career, she continued to show flashes of athletic prowess. 


There are numerous clips online of her running track back in school, and after school. She’s clearly a fighter, and it was her fight with Blueface that got him removed from a fighting ticket just hours before he was scheduled to fight.

There is a clip-on twitter as well of Chrisean Rock throwing a 12lb bowling ball halfway onto the bowling alley and scoring a strike through that unorthodox bowling method. Her and Blueface even played 7-on-7 football as well, and as a running back Rock dominated the competition.

The most impressive achievement in my opinion was that the former D1 athlete even competed in ultimate tag, a competition that includes supreme athletics, acrobatics and speed, completing the whole course in 50 seconds, even after being tagged. 

The athletic versatility of Rock has flown under the radar, but if you pay attention to her, she is more than just a rapper’s girlfriend surrounded by drama and controversy. She may be a generational athlete, that if taken seriously could have dominated the sports world had she gone the athletic route.

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