“Kumbaya” | Antonio Brown’s Epic First Post-Walk-off Interview A Step Towards Healing

“How’s business?”


That’s a typical Antonio Brown call-and-response-style conversation if you are looking for a positive outcome from the beleaguered NFL star.

Many have wondered if Brown is in the early stages of CTE or just unwell mentally. He stopped by the “Full Send” podcast to clear up any misconceptions about his thought process.

Brown is abundantly clear that he is fed up with the narratives being created for him, the opportunists circling his star power, and the fake friends and relationships that professional sports breeds.

For Brown, the world needs a kumbaya moment, and he took a moment to showcase what that means to “Boomin.'”

“CTE, you can’t scan a person for CTE till they’re dead, first off,” Brown claimed. “So how you going to say a prayer that’s living in real time, who putting up real stats, who’s standing for real purposes, who’s doing real things, got CTE?

“I don’t need no one to judge my mental space,” Brown continued. “I’ve got mental health, I’ve got mental wealth, as a matter of fact. Not mental health, mental wealth. I didn’t just come on the show to drop you guys juice. I came here to Kumbaya.”

Brown asserted his commitment to happiness amid all the tumult swirling around his name. Although the podcast hosts attempted to turn the podcast into a complete sideshow, Brown constantly steered the show back to the center to prove he was the one above the fray of media conspiracies about his actions.

Brown got real when the conversation turned to the fateful Jets walk-off game, where he disrobed after feeling disrespected by the Buccaneers for not accepting his injury claims.

Is Antonio Brown’s Tenure With The Raiders Player Empowerment Run Amok?  

“Imagine the guy who you think has your back, who you flew here with to do a mission, and they know your situation,” Brown said.

“And you get there and you’re battling with them, then he tells you that because you can’t go to war with him, he tells you to get the f*** out of there? I’m an alpha male. If you discriminate on my public image and my name, at that point, it’s f*** you, too, professionally.”

Brown didn’t allow the show hosts to goad him into an excoriation of Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and even referred to himself and Brady as “friends.”

However, he did talk about a pay disparity between him and Ron Gronkowski and the fact that he was performing for “earnest pay” under Brady’s watch.

Antonio Brown Posts The Receipts To Flipping The Script On Tampa Bay Bucs Organization

“Brady can’t do s*** by himself,” Brown said. “But you guys are going to make it seem like he’s just this heroic guy. Bro, we’re all humans, bro. We’re dependent on someone else to do the job.”

Brown admitted that taking off his jersey and leaving the field wasn’t the most professional thing to do and said he needs to be checked by his friends sometimes. Football is emotional, and after giving his all to the team, in his mind, it was the ultimate form of disrespect to reject his wish to stay on the sidelines for the second half of the Jets game.

Antonio Brown Posts The Receipts To Flipping The Script On Tampa Bay Bucs Organization

However, in a world where the words of others judge Brown, it was refreshing to hear his take on his own life as the circus around him grows and gets more and more intense.

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