Antonio Brown Posts The Receipts To Flipping The Script On Tampa Bay Bucs Organization

Antonio Brown attempts to flip the script on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers narrative of events that led to his “dismissal” from the team.

While the team and the world have painted him as a petulant player who refused to play the second half of the Jets game on Sunday, AB has proclaimed his injury precluded his performance and he is now ostracized for valuing his health.

However, Brown is upping the ante with supposed receipts.

Show The Receipts

The wide receiver posted an alleged text message exchange between himself and Bucs head coach Bruce Arians. The purported exchange came ahead of last week’s game.

“This is BA. Make sure you’re ready to go tomorrow. We ARE NOT resting for playoffs,” Arians texted with no response, and he followed up with “Call me.”

Brown eventually responded with a picture of his foot and ankle being worked on by Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s trainer.

“I’m all in coach caint get to full speed I wanna win wanna be there if I wake up tomorrow feel better I’ll be ready kinda rolled it outside on 2pt play I want whats best for team lmk when you free I’ll call u,” Brown responded.

Admission Of Injury Receipt?

“I Gave The Bucs Everything I Had On The Field” | Antonio Brown Sets The Record Straight And Puts The Bucs On Blast

The screenshot shows Arians as replying:

“Come see me I’m (sic) in the morning. We’ll talk it out. Definitely want you with us in case you’re ready.”

Brown claimed to have received an MRI result on Monday proving he was playing on a damaged ankle and accused the team of offering him pills that were not recommended for safe usage by the NFLPA.

Through his attorney, Sean Burstyn, Brown released a statement on Wednesday night. He detailed how he has been playing through “extreme” pain to showcase his commitment to the team.

He claims he was cut by Arians, who he is positioning as unreasonable, on the sideline of the Jets game for refusing to re-enter for the second half, leading him to disrobe and leave the field.

The Narrative

Arians painted a different picture of what happened. He said Monday that Brown didn’t justify his decision to leave the field and that an injury was never discussed.

“I don’t know that he was [injured],” Arians told reporters, adding: “It’s pretty obvious what happened. He left the field and that was it. We had a conversation, and he left the field.”

After Sunday’s game, the Buccaneers coach said that Brown was “no longer a Buc.” Now his contract has been officially terminated by the Bucs.

History Over Health?

In a Week 6 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Brown suffered an ankle injury. However, he didn’t re-enter the competition until Week 16 because of a three-game suspension from the league for misrepresenting his COVID-19 vaccination status.

“Nothing’s Been Decided” Antonio Brown On Thin Ice In Tampa Bay After Vax Hoax | Why Is It Always AB vs. AB?

Additionally, Brown ostensibly revealed his interactions with the trainer Guerrero, which included requesting back half of a $100,000 payment for services. Brown seemingly leaked his bank information in the process of showing all the things he attempted to get healthy.

Arians contests that AB refused to get back in the game against the Jets because he was upset about not getting the ball enough.

The saga continues, but Brown is on the offensive to corrective action in the court of public opinion.

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