JAY-Z And Beyonce Spoil GOOD Music Homecoming

The world has been in musical heaven these last few weeks with the releases by Kanye West and all the artists he is producing. However, Beyonce and JAY-Z surprised the world with their new joint album, Everything Is Love, over the weekend, where they set the record straight on their marriage, opinions about Kanye, Donald Trump and more.

On the bonus track, Salud! JAY-Z takes a shot at Trump: Your president is tweeting bout Hov like he know us, in extreme deference to his former producer/friend Kanye’s views on the current administration and his wearing of the MAGA hat. 

Superstar couple Jay-Z, Beyonce release new joint album

The couple surprised fans by releasing a joint album, “Everything Is Love,” along with a single and a music video.

The album cover art itself is an ode to the love of two descendants hailing from the Diaspora, with deeply African imagery featuring a young woman with a man getting his hair braided in The Louvre art museum, with Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting by in the background.

It is the ultimate revolutionary popular culture shift that JAY-Z started with his 4:44 album in 2017 and Beyonce extended with her Beyhive classic black-a-licious Coachella appearance that Blackness is life.  The release, which is available exclusively, for now, on Jays streaming service, Tidal, was announced on Father’s Day weekend during the London stop on their On The Run II Tour.

You did some things to me/Boy you do some things to me/But love is deeper than your pain/And I believe you can change, sings Beyonc on the album closer Lovehappy. Sometimes I thought wed never see the light.

Opener Summer sets a romantic mood for Everything Is Love, with Bey cooing, I wanna drown in the depths of you . . . in the water so blue over some midtempo soul reminiscent of her 2011 LP 4. Meanwhile, Jay comes in midway through the song, coolly countering, I brought my sand to the beach.

They continue to profess their devotion amidst the bass thickness of 713, which takes its title from the area code of Beyoncs Houston hometown. Aint no way to stop this love, she sings; Never knew a love like this, he returns.

Beyonce and JAY-Z roll back the closed curtains of their life a bit, leaving no doubt to the listener that their happiness has come the hard way.

I cant believe we made it, she intones over the eerie beats of Apeshit, one of two tracks featuring Pharrell behind the boards. 


Uploaded by Beyonc on 2018-06-16.

On Boss, they flex about their power couple status. Its disturbing what I gross/Survey says you not even close, Jay-Z says. B responds with a brag: My great-great-grandchildren already rich.

The couple strikes a Bonnie and Clyde gangsta pose on Heard About Us, on which Beyonc threatens, Watch your mouth when youre around us. The song also addresses the rumors that Jay-Z fathered a love child with another woman. Unlike Drake’s outing by Pusha T on “The Story Of Adonis”, JAY-Z denies the rumor in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. 

Billie Jean in its prime/For the thousandth time, the kid aint mine, he says.

With Kanye capitalizing the album market these last few weeks with the release of Pusha T’s “DAYTONA”, West’s “Ye”, Kid Cudi’s “Kids See Ghost’s”, and his latest Nas collaboration album “Nasir”, Bey and Jay know how to deflate the GOOD Music balloon of creative lunacy. 

All it took was some star power glaze, typical JAY-Z mystery and Beyonce’s star power to do it.   

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