Jalen Rose Thinks Collusion Is Keeping Lamar Jackson From Getting Fully Guaranteed Paid

It’s good that someone with a prominent platform in media finally said it. But we all know this to be true: collusion is keeping Lamar Jackson from being signed to a fully guaranteed multiyear contract. That’s what ESPN’s Jalen Rose said in a video posted to Twitter on Friday.

“He along with Patrick Mahomes are the most electrifying quarterbacks at that position,” said Rose in a video on Twitter. “The collusion is stopping Lamar from getting paid, because he’s not feeding just the good old boys network. The money. The percentage they want to get of his contract. What a shame.”

It’s Collusion Plain And Simple

That the league’s 32 owners are colluding to tamp down the QB market is not shocking. Or at least it shouldn’t be if you’re paying attention.

Last year, the Cleveland Browns signed QB Deshaun Watson to a $230 million contract that included the most guaranteed money for a player in league history. This all happened before Watson serving an 11-game suspension for violating the league’s code of conduct policy after more than two dozen women accused him of sexual misconduct during massage treatments. He settled civil lawsuits with more than 20 of his accusers.

The other owners saw that and it undoubtedly gave them pause as to what the future markets for QBs who are better than Watson would look like.

Add in the fact that Jackson is going about his business differently. He doesn’t have one of the NFL’s preferred agents from CAA, Wasserman, or WME Football.

Jackson and his mother are dealing with the Ravens directly and perhaps, as Rose implies, that is upsetting the “old boys network.”

A 26 Year-Old MVP QB Is Never Available

The 2019 NFL MVP is 26 years old and not signed to a long term deal. When in the history of the league has that ever been a thing?

Daniel Jones was signed to a a four-year, $160 million deal that included $82 million in guaranteed money in early March and he’s nowhere near the player Jackson is.

Former DB Adam “Pacman” Jones wasn’t a believer in the New York Giants signing Jones to an extension.

“This is a big waste of money for the Giants. Nothing against D Jones he’s a good player, but that’s a lot of money. I think they was rushing to get a deal done because they haven’t won a playoff game or been to the playoffs in God knows when, but they got a deal done. We’ll see how it pans out this year.”

Then there are the “reports” from noted NFL “news breakers” like Adam Schefter and Tom Pelissero, who are in bed with the league and its owners. Jackson has disputed a number of things both men have reported about his contract situation.

The whole thing smells fishy.

Other owners are coming out and talking about Jackson’s “style of play” and how he’s an injury risk. Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen is also a runner, a very physical one at that. Is there no injury concern for him?

Apparently not enough for the Bills, as they signed Allen to a six-year $258 million extension with $150 million guaranteed.

“Looking at it objectively I’d say there’s some concern over how long can he play his style of game,” Atlanta Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank said to reporters about Jackson. “Hopefully a long time, but he’s missed five, six games each of the last two years. Each game counts a lot in our business.”

As the NFL draft draws near and June OTAs and mini camps are just around the corner, it will be very interesting to see if owners continue out of spite (they’d say principle) or someone negotiates with this man and pays him what he believes he is worth.

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