Deshaun Watson Coming To An End Zone Near You | The Browns QB Is Primed For A Scary Comeback Season

Deshuan Watson is ready for 2023 season
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Deshaun Watson is quietly gearing up for a comeback tour that the Cleveland Browns can only wish for. After a slow start to his partial season, the former Texans quarterback is looking like he’s regaining his form on the field. Great news for Browns fans.

Is Deshuan Watson Underachieving? 

The last thing the Cleveland Browns need right now is another promising quarterback underperforming and falling into the long line of Browns QBs that didn’t work out; shout out to Tim Couch, Johnny Manziel, and recently Baker Mayfield

That doesn’t seem to be the case with Deshaun Watson, who is already a proven superstar, and franchise-caliber signal caller. His years with the Texans are more than enough proof to back up that claim. Many are just hoping he can translate that stardom to the stacked AFC North, which features MVP Lamar Jackson, MVP candidate Joe Burrow, and the Mike Tomlin-led Steelers, who are suddenly in a position to make the playoffs. By the way, the only thing standing in their way is Deshaun Watson and the Browns. 

While many predicted Watson would get off to a slow start, coming back from an 11-game suspension, everyone also understood that once he got some real on the field, he’d get back to his normal self. 

Is 2023 Deshuan Watson’s Year?

Watson’s latest game is a perfect example of what’s to come next season in Cleveland. Against the Commanders who are vying for a playoff spot, Watson threw three touchdowns, with no picks. Though he only threw for 169 yards, the Browns have been a run-heavy team, thanks in part to Nick Chubb being one of the best running backs in the game.

But Watson, who averages 261 passing yards per game, will definitely turn the heat up next season, especially with the excellence of Amari Cooper, who has gone over 1,000 yards. He caught 105 of Watson’s 169 yards, and two of his three touchdowns as well. These two seem to have established great chemistry, which will be scary for the AFC North going forward.  

Watson not only has the best opportunity to give a great performance in the last game of the season, but he can play the role of the spoiler to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who need that win to make the playoffs.  This should be a great way to introduce himself to the AFC North and leave opposing teams thinking as we enter the postseason. It also continues a great rivalry between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. 

Cleveland Browns Eliminated From Playoff Contention? 

The Browns have already been eliminated from playoff contention, which means this last game for them is mere window dressing to a disastrous season. Also, the Browns do not hold a first-round pick for the upcoming draft, so losing this game does nothing for them.

In searching for a silver lining, this is a chance for Watson to go out there and just play some backyard football. Throw the ball as many times as you want and familiarize yourself with your teammates and the playbook even more. Try any gadget plays, or trick plays, and see what works for you. Something to build on for next season, when Watson will have a full training camp, full reps and an opportunity to truly develop some chemistry with his team and familiarity with the playbook. 

This was an expectedly underwhelming season for Cleveland, so they obviously can’t wait to get into the offseason, bolster their roster, get back on the field next year, and see a full season of their fully guaranteed 230-million-dollar man.

HBO “Hard Knocks” in Cleveland, anyone?