Isiah Thomas – Michael Jordan Beef Chapter 100 | Zeke Not Letting Anything Slide When It Comes To Real Story Of MJ Legacy

The beef between Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan is still going strong after all of these years have passed. The Pistons legendary point guard stated that Jordan would need to publicly apologize to him if things were to ever be settled between the two NBA legends because he was embarrassed by him in public with his comments on “The Last Dance” documentary.

Isiah Thomas at 2022 NBA All-Star Game Top 75 Players of All-time celebration. (Photo: Getty Images)

Thomas clearly hasn’t let anything go and has constantly mentioned Jordan’s name anytime he gets the chance. On Tuesday, he took time to respond to a basketball page on Twitter that posted highlights of Jordan’s 59-point performance against the Pistons in 1988 NBA playoffs.

“35 years ago I led my team Bad Boy @DetroitPistons to the NBA finals, it all depends on which story you want to tell and sale,” Thomas wrote on Twitter.

The Pistons got the better of Jordan and the Bulls early on in his career, but things turned around for them in 1991 Eastern Conference Finals. The Bulls swept the Pistons in four games. Thomas and his Pistons walked off the floor without shaking the Bulls’ hands.

Then in 1992, Thomas believed that Jordan was the reason he didn’t get a chance to play on Team USA, also known as the ‘Dream Team.’

Ty Garth, youth basketball coach, commented under Thomas’ post and the two exchanged a brief back-and-forth.

“35 years later y’all still showing black athletes how to hate one another. Great job legend….Not just you all the legends from that era. Thanks for showing our youth that hatred is a everlasting thing,” wrote Garth.

Thomas replied, “Standing up and fighting for yourself should never be confused with hate and yes fighting for yourself is everlasting.”

Charles Oakley recently sat down in an interview with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on “All The Smoke” podcast and gave Thomas some sound advice.

“Mike do not want to be your friend Isiah. I am telling you for the fifth time, he do not want to be your friend. Stay on ESPN and keeping talking on TNT. Now, you are trying to say everybody is better than Mike. It’s OK, you are not better than Mike. He came to your city and took your city. That’s why you really mad, he took over Chicago. I know,” said Oakley.

The statement was prompted because Thomas appeared on the podcast in an earlier episode and clips were released of him discussing the beef between himself and Jordan. Thomas also stated that Jordan needs to come on the podcast and answer some of the questions about their history.

Jordan will probably never respond to Thomas request, but it would be must-see television if the two ever were to sit down with each other.

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