“It Was More Than Basketballs Bouncing” | Viral Stripper From Bulls Game Says Business Is Going Great; Party In The Suite Is Now Under Investigation

A Chicago man and his group of friends had the time of their lives at the BullsLakers game on March 29. The group of friends rented out a suite on the 200-level of the United Center and brought their own entertainment with a Chicago stripper.

Jazzy and Marcus throwing money in suite at stripper during Bulls-Lakers game (left); Pretty Rebel posing for selfie at a club she works at (right). (Photos: Screenshot from @NoJumper Twitter account, screenshot from Pretty Rebel’s Instagram account)

The video went viral and the stripper that attended says business has really picked up. She has garnered attention from several media outlets and the video has over 51K views on Twitter.

The stripper goes by Pretty Rebel and she was invited to the suite because it was a birthday celebration for woman called Jazzy. Jazzy is the friend of the Chicago man that was seen wearing a white shirt and throwing money in the video. That man is known as Marcus, according to reports.

“I’ve gotten so many requests for more bookings,” Pretty Rebel told TMZ Sports.

In addition to being a stripper, Pretty Rebel reputedly is an adult film star.

Apparently, word got back to team officials for the team and they weren’t too pleased. They have even launched an investigation.

The team released the following statement to Chicago’s Fox 32 News:

“We are aware of the video from last night’s game. This is a clear violation of our fan code of conduct and premium seating decorum. We do not condone this behavior and have taken appropriate steps to address this matter.”

Marcus and Jazzy told local media that they were not kicked out of the game and nearby fans seemed to enjoy the show.

“The fans were holding their hands up under us and catching money,” Marcus said to Fox 32 News. “If people are going to make it all out of proportion and all that, they’ve never lived, man.”

His friend Jazzy told the local news outlet that they just like to have fun when they are together.

“We are family and friends,” she said. “We have all been friends for 10 years-plus. When we are together we just have a good time.”

The NBA has yet to respond to the incident, but it is well known that they want family friendly environments at NBA arenas. Marcus told Fox 32 News that the Bulls haven’t said whether they are banned or suspended from the arena.

Despite not having a final ruling from the league or Bulls, the friends should expect some type of punishment for their actions. The group of friends had a historic birthday celebration, but they could pay the price for it.

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