Matt Barnes Gets All The Smoke | Reportedly Ordered To Pay $133,000 In Back Child Support To Gloria Govan

Former NBA player turned media personality Matt Barnes is receiving the energy that his popular podcast is called, “All The Smoke,” in child support court. The former bad boy baller reportedly owes Gloria Govan $133,976.54 in overdue child support payments. Additionally, the amount owed indicates a lengthy amount of time that he allegedly did not pay, as in 2018, his monthly child support bill was reduced substantially; from $20,000 to $7,500.

The two married in 2013 but split after nearly two years of marriage. They settled their divorce in December 2016 and share twin boys, Carter and Isaiah, who are now teenagers. Govan was a star of “Basketball Wives L.A.” She was in a custody battle with Barnes for their twin boys for years. Eventually, Barnes was granted custody of their children in 2018.

Drama Prone

Barnes and Govan were the fodder for the tabloids when he discovered that his ex-Lakers teammate Derek Fisher was dating his ex-wife. He reportedly drove 95 miles from Santa Barbara to Redondo Beach, California, to confront Fisher at Govan’s house.

Fisher was the head of the New York Knicks then, and Barnes did not know he had been dating her. Barnes reportedly found out when his sons called to tell him that Fisher was at the house where a physical altercation occurred. The former teammates were once close.

Last year it was reported by Deadline that Fisher and Govan, now married, had a reality TV series in the works that will follow the couple and their extended family. It will examine the drama of co-parenting in the public eye, high-profile exes, and demanding teenagers.

Govan Caught A Case Too

Govan is also in a similar boat, as her former attorneys claim she has stiffed them for services.

According to reports, a judge ordered Gloria Govan to pay almost $200K to the attorneys representing her during her divorce from Barnes. They claim that Govan has been refusing to pay for services rendered. The reality TV star hired Brot, Gross & Fishbein’s Family Law Services. However, the firm alleged in their lawsuit that Govan never paid the fees she’d been invoiced or any of the outstanding attorney costs. obtained the documents from Los Angeles Superior Court, where a default judgment was entered against Govan for failure to respond to the lawsuit. According to the ruling, she must pay a total of $197,774. That dwarfs the number that Barnes allegedly owes Govan.

Court documents reveal a Los Angeles Superior Court judge awarded a default judgment against Govan after she ignored the lawsuit filed by the law firm Brot, Gross & Fishbein. Initially, Govan was reportedly asked to pay $250,000, covering the debt they felt owed them and legal fees. However, the legal team allegedly couldn’t find Govan and hired a process server to find Govan. Eventually, they tracked her to a Las Vegas address, but the law firm stated that she failed to respond to the case.

The drama between Barnes and Govan might now be based on the court’s child support judgment, but both parties in this duo have a case that is dogging them.

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