‘I Mean Right Now Nikola Jokic Is The Best’ | LeBron James Fans Don’t Like NBA Legend Ray Allen Heaping Praise On Nuggets Superstar Ahead Of WCF Clash With Lakers

During a recent trip to India, NBA legend Ray Allen, while discussing numerous things about the NBA, opened up on the current state of the NBA’s center position and what he feels about Denver Nuggets two-time MVP, Nikola Jokic.

NBA legend Ray Allen was known for his shooting prowess during his illustrious 18-year NBA career. Allen, who once held the record for three-pointers made all-time, also won two NBA championships and contributed to many long playoff runs during his stops in Seattle, Milwaukee, Boston and Miami. 

The former UConn Huskies sharpshooter has been pretty active in other NBA endeavors since his retirement.

In his remarks, Allen was blunt and straightforward.

Jesus Shuttlesworth Labels Nikola Jokic Best Center In The NBA

With centers reemerging as the focal [point of some teams, despite the game being dominated by wing plkay and three-point shooting, Allen called Denver Nuggets center and two-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokic the best in the league. Despite Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid winning the MVP this season, Allen still believes “The Joker”is top of the food chain.

“I mean, right now, I think Jokic is the best big man in the league. And I say that because he can also pass. He’s just really crafty.”

Allen also mentioned Jokic’s craftiness around the rim. 

“He’s crafty around the basket. He can score. He doesn’t overpower you. It’s not like he’s an athlete, but he’s a tough cover. Then he brings your big all the way out and blows right by you. So, I think, skill-wise, he’s just a player to guard.”

Last Five MVPs Are Foreign-Born Players

In a league that prides itself on its global interaction, the last five MVPs have all been from foreign countries, including Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo who won back-to-back honors in 2019 and 2020. The aforementioned Jokic took the award in 2021 and 2022.

“The Big Cameroonian” finally closed the deal after years of being the runner-up. All are considered big men who play at or near the rim most of the night, which is a rare sight in today’s NBA.

Allen calling Jokic the best at the position isn’t a stretch, even with Embiid winning the MVP. Jokic has been the most consistent and durable big man as well, rarely missing games because of injury and always doing what it takes for his team to win — scoring, passing and creating for others. And while his defense isn’t on par with Embiid or Giannis, his team’s defensive efficiency is one of the best with him on the floor. 

Jokic is set to lead the top-seeded Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals against the upstart Los Angeles Lakers beginning Tuesday in the “Mile High City.”

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