Milwaukee Bucks Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo Says Winning NBA Championship ‘Is Better Than’ Sex

With less than 15 games left in the NBA season, and teams jockeying for playoff positioning, it’s that time of year where the contenders are separated from the pretenders. One team that’s arguably the the favorite to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy is the Milwaukee Bucks, who won the 2021 NBA championship behind superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. It was the franchise’s first title in 50 seasons (1971) when Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson led them to a title. 

In the NBA Finals series, Antetokounmpo was named MVP, and he even went for 50 points in the decisive Game 6. That feeling of euphoria and excitement is like nothing else, and Antetokounmpo took it up a few notches saying it’s better than being intimate. 

In an interview with The Athletic, the “Greek Freak,” as he’s affectionately known spoke candidly about that feeling and how desperate he is to do it again. 

“Man, that feeling. That feeling was a great feeling,” Antetokounmpo told The Athletic. “That feeling was one of the best feelings I’ve had, and I’m not even going to say what I’m thinking because it’s probably gonna go viral. 

“I’m sorry but it’s better than getting intimate. You know what I mean? Man, what? You know, I love soon-to-be-wife. I love my kids.”

Giannis Says Championship Trumps Everything In His Life 

While he loves his fiancée and children, Giannis is also quick to remind us of that nothing compares to reaching the NBA mountaintop. And he’s desperate to have that feeling once again.

“The championship was the greatest feeling in my life, and I want to repeat that feeling. And I want to do it again with my teammates, and I want us to he the last team standing. I want for those two, three months of the summer to feel like I’m the best player in the world, where I’ll team has won the whole thing, and I’m the last guy standing.”

From the tone of Giannis’ comments, he definitely wants that second ring and third NBA MVP to be in his possession at season’s end. With the Bucks boasting the league’s best record at 50-19, winning a championship is highly plausible. But winning a third MVP is a long shot with the current media favorites being Philadelphia Sixers center Joel Embiid and Denver Nuggets reigning back-to-back MVP Nikola Jokic

Giannis Says He’s Scared Not To Succeed

It’s no secret that Antetokounmpo becoming an NBA player opened the door for his three brothers to all have a chance to play professionally as well. It also afforded his family, who grew up poor in Greece, a new lease on life. That’s a lot of pressure to be under, but he welcomes it, and it’s made him want to succeed at all costs.

“I’m obsessed. I’m scared to lose what God has gave me and the life that I’ve provided for my kids, and for my brothers and for my mom, you know? I’m scared. So I f—king work as hard as I can, because I don’t want to lose this s—t. And it’s not gonna stop until I’m of this league. So I do have the trophies somewhere. But I try not to look at them, because I want to win another one. I do want to. But I don’t want to go and say it. I don’t want to beg. I want my game to speak for itself.”

That’s why Giannis has become the league’s most consistent and dominant, he’s never satisfied. He wants more, and you have to like his chances to get more. 

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