“I Love Jerry Jones, I Love The Dallas Cowboys, But I Cannot Coach Pros” | Deion Sanders Sets Record Straight On “The Tonight Show”

Deion Sanders is a brand in his own right. And since his arrival at Jackson State he’s used that brand and charisma for the betterment of HBCU football.

So much that he had Pro Basketball Hall of Famer and four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal saying that he thinks Deion should be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Shaq’s comments came following Dallas’ upset home playoff loss to the Niners.

On his “The Big Podcast,” the “Big Aristotle” had this to say:

“I’m putting this out right now. Deion Sanders is the next head coach for the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, this message is from Shaquille O’Neal Incorporated, Deion Sanders for the next head coach of the Cowboys. You want Dallas back rocking. Bring Deion to the fold. Deion will hold those players accountable. Deion Sanders for the next Cowboys coach. Put it out, Tweet it, TikTok it, Instagram it … put it out.”

‘You Want The Cowboys Back Rocking?’| Shaquille O’Neal Thinks Deion Sanders Should Coach Cowboys, Will “Hold Players Accountable”

In an interview on Jimmy Fallon, Sanders talked about Shaq’s comments. After months of rumors and speculation, Deion finally put the nail in the coffin of any talk about him leaving Jackson State to take a pro football head coaching job. 

“I love Jerry Jones, I love the Dallas Cowboys, but I cannot coach pros,” said Coach Prime. “I have a problem with a professional athlete not doing his job and getting handsomely paid. I don’t have any tolerance for that. There’s some out there working their butts off, but there’s plenty out there that just don’t get it. And I would fight. I would fight everyday as a coach. … I couldn’t do it. I’m old school. … It would be tough.”

Prime also addressed his plan for bringing minority ownership to the NFL.

Sanders And Jackson State Put On A Show In 2021: SWAC CHAMPS

In 2021, Sanders’ first full season as head coach, the former All-Pro cornerback led the team to an 11-2 record, a SWAC title and Celebration Bowl. Deion was honored with the Eddie Robinson Award, and all year long he dealt with Power 5 schools trying to woo him to leave Jackson State, even as he fought for his life and leg following surgery for a dislocated toe.

Deion Sanders Interviewed For Several Power 5 Gigs | “I Was So Darn Good The Guy Asked Me When I Could Start”

But to no avail, as Sanders believes his work at JSU and with HBCU football is just beginning.

In an interview with the “Rich Eisen Show,” Sanders discussed his plans for maximizing the moment.

“I’m not looking to tomorrow,” Sanders said. “I don’t do that right now. I focus on today. I focus on the now.
“I focus on maximizing the moment and giving these kids all I have today. When tomorrow comes, I’ll concern myself about that tomorrow. I don’t look down there. That’s why we’ve been successful. We really focus and dominate today and in the moment. They’re questioning what’s the buildup, what’s the exit plan …. all that. I don’t think like that.”

Sanders continued:

“Not only do I have to win, too, have to dominate. I take this next phase of my life like I did the (NFL) game. I’ve got to dominate this thing. We’re winning, but we’re not dominating.”

Sanders Can Talk That Talk Because He’s Walked It Already

If anyone can speak in that cocky manner, it’s Sanders, widely regarded as one of the top 10 football players to ever grace the gridiron.

He’s put in the work at the highest level as a player. He’s applied that same dominance and herculean effort to his coaching responsibilities as he’s out recruiting Power Five programs and taking No. 1 overall recruits in his first full year at the helm.

Revenue is up in Jackson, and the visibility and exposure his name brings all of HBCU is a good thing.

‘The City Has Seen About A $30 Million Revenue Increase’ | ‘Deion Sanders Effect’ Has Brought The Bag To Jackson Mississippi

How many HBCU coaches have you ever seen on “The Tonight Show”? How many pro coaches, for that matter? 

Probably a handful, but there was Coach Prime bringing more to the HBCU world than they could’ve imagined when he embarked on this ambitious journey in the midst of a world-changing COVID pandemic. He continues to introduce more of the world to Jackson State and the talented players in Black college football.

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