‘I’m A Leader Of Men, Not A Follower’ | Deion Sanders Says He’s In Boulder For The Long Haul Despite Sons Heading To NFL In 2025

Pro Football Hall of Famer and second-year Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders has never been shy.

The former NFL DPOY and two-time Super Bowl-winning defensive back in many ways is pretty much a walking sound bite.

Is Deion Leaving Boulder, Colorado With His Sons?

Sanders loves the spotlight and never misses the opportunity to shake up the room a bit in his pressers. During a recent interview with Joe Klatt of Fox Sports, Sanders discussed the upcoming season and other various topics, including his plans after this season. 

If you’re wondering why this question is significant, it’s because his sons Shedeur and Shilo, plus two-way star Travis Hunter, who’s like a son to him, are all slated to enter the 2025 NFL draft and be pretty high draft picks, with Shilo and Hunter going early in the first round. 

So what’s Sanders planning to do once they’re no longer in Boulder. Will he be leaving his office view of the pristine Rocky Mountains or will he stay continue to lead the Buffs?

To let him tell it, he has no plans of going anywhere, but only time will tell, especially with an entire season ahead. 

Sanders Says He’s Not A Follower

Sanders gave Klatt and Buffs fans the belief that he’s here for the long haul.

“I’m a leader of men, not a follower of men. I’m a father, not a baby daddy. I lead my sons. I don’t follow my sons. My sons, Travis Hunter included, are getting ready to migrate to the NFL. I’m not following them to the NFL.”

“I paved the way for my babies. They’re not paving the way for me. So, I plan on being here and being dominant here, because they’re establishing something that we’re going to continue to build on for years to come. And I’m thankful that they’re establishing what they’re establishing.”

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders says he will not be leaving to follow his sons Shilo, Shedeur and Travis Hunter into the NFL. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sanders Says He Leads His Family, Doesn’t Follow Them

is probably telling the truth, because one thing he’s been adamant about having no desire to do is coach in the NFL.

Sanders is old school, and when asked on numerous occasions to give his take on the current state of the NFL, he’s said that the players lack the love and passion for the game because of the money they make.  

What If Jerry Jones Comes Calling?

With son Shedeur slated to be one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2025 class, Sanders has to think about a team possibly offering him a chance to join them if they were to draft the talented gunslinger.

The one team that always comes to mind is the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones, who loves Deion from his days helping the Cowboys win the franchise’s last Super Bowl in 1995-96. Jones, who’s another one who loves the spotlight has gone on record over and over again showing his love and appreciation for Shedeur. 

With Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy skating on thin ice, and star QB Dak Prescott looking for another huge payday, could Jones opt to try to draft Shedeur in the 2025 draft? 

It’s definitely a possibility, and one that could change the course of Coach Prime’s thinking. There’s no way he turns down a job with the Cowboys and the opportunity to once again coach his son, but this time at the NFL level. That’s when Deion’s dislike for the NFL changes and he very likely bolts Colorado and heads to the NFL. 

As of now Sanders sounds pretty convincing, but Shedeur’s whereabouts could be the monkey wrench that changes all of that. 

Buffaloes To Face NDSU In Week One

The 2024 version of the Colorado Buffaloes open their season at home against FCS power North Dakota State, which has won nine national championships since 2011. The Buffaloes will be tested right out the gate, and while it’s a game they could definitely lose, if they’re anything like they’ve talked this offseason they should be okay. An early season home loss to an FCS opponent could send the season into an early tailspin as games get tougher. 

Especially with the program moving back to the new Big 12. 

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