Deion Sanders Interviewed For Several Power 5 Gigs | “I Was So Darn Good The Guy Asked Me When I Could Start”

The college football world saw all of the reports about Power 5 Schools trying to disrupt Deion SandersHBCU flow by offering him interview opportunities in the middle of the season.  

There was no shortage of interested programs clamoring for Coach Prime’s services. 

Recently on “The Dan LeBatard Show” he discussed those experiences. 

“I interviewed for three Power Five jobs; I should’ve got em’. I was very, very, very good, I may say, in the interviews. In one of the interviews, I was so darn good the guy asked me when I could start. ‘When can you really start?’ I told him when it was possible, and they went in another direction. I wasn’t upset. That just means that God needed me to continue to be at Jackson State.”

Rumors of an interview with TCU while he was hospitalized spread fast, and Sanders reportedly was a real candidate. The other two jobs he reportedly interviewed for haven’t been revealed. 

Sanders’ Name Was Mentioned As Dallas Cowboys HC Candidate

LeBatard asked Sanders about coaching in the NFL or his alma mater FSU. Sanders expressed interested in the NFL, was mum on FSU.

“I don’t know about that one, my man. I don’t want to coach pros. I’m not a pro guy. I don’t have patience for rich guys with problems. I don’t have patience for rich guys that don’t want to stay rich and continue to earn a check.”

Sanders’ name came up between Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal and former NFL player and Tennessee State head coach Eddie George. Both think he’d be a great fit as the Dallas Cowboys coach.

On “The Big Podcast With Shaq,” the former Lakers great said:

“I’m putting this out there right now. Deion Sanders is the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones, this message is from Shaquille O’Neal Incorporated, Deion Sanders for the next coach of the Cowboys.”


George piggybacked those sentiments in an interview with TMZ Sports: 

“I don’t think that’s far-fetched. Prime has done an amazing job so far at Jackson State. In fact, he’s been coaching for quite some time, not just in college but also in high school, little league, so he’s been doing it for some years and he’s a culture-changer. He knows what he wants; he’s been very successful in all levels. He’s a winner. So I think it’s a good for it.”

From the sounds of it, that isn’t happening, as Sanders is full speed ahead as the head coach and mentor of young men at Jackson State.

He talked about his intentions going forward on a recent episode of “The Rich Eisen Show.”

“I’m not looking to tomorrow; I don’t do that right now. I focus on today; I focus on the now. I focus on maximizing the moment and giving these kids all I have today. When tomorrow comes, I’ll concern myself about that tomorrow. I don’t look down there. That’s why we’ve been successful. We really focus and dominate today and in the moment. They’re questioning what’s the buildup, what’s the exit plan … all that. I don’t think like that. Not only do I have to win, I have to dominate. I take this next phase of my life like I did the (NFL) game. I’ve got to dominate this thing. We’re winning, but we’re dominating.”

In just two short seasons at the helm of the Jackson State Tigers, Deion Sanders has taken the college football world by storm. Sanders was hired by the Tigers in September 2020, and with COVID-19 ravaging the world, the 2020 SWAC fall season was postponed until the spring. Sanders didn’t let that deter him as he hit the ground running, landing the 55th ranked recruiting class for the 2021 recruiting cycle and leading the Tigers to a 4-3 spring season record.

Following the season, Sanders constantly preached how the 2021 fall season would be different. He wasn’t lying, as the Tigers scored the program’s first 11-win season ever, captured JSU’s first SWAC title since 2007 and earned a trip to the Celebration Bowl

Along the way, Sanders was named the Eddie Robinson Award winner, given to the top coach in Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), and his 2022 recruiting class is the top class in all of HBCU football. Sanders’ prime catch was Travis Hunter, the No.1 overall recruit, whom Sanders flipped from his alma mater FSU.

Sanders continues to change the landscape of HBCU football, from a visibility and exposure standpoint. But it’s obvious he has even more in mind as he continues to migrate the murky waters of Black college football.

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