“I Don’t Think That’s Farfetched … He’s A Culture-Changer”| Eddie George Agrees With Shaq, Deion Sanders Should Be Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has taken the HBCU and college football world by storm. So much that he’s got other former star players and coaches vouching for him

to become the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Last week it was Shaq. This week it was former All-Pro Tennessee Titans running back and current Tennessee State Tigers head coach Eddie George echoing those sentiments.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, the former bruising back said this:
“I don’t think that’s far-fetched. Prime has done an amazing job so far at Jackson State. In fact, he’s been coaching for quite some time, not just in college but also in high school, little league, so he’s been doing it for some years and he’s a culture-changer. He knows what he wants; he’s been very successful in all levels. He’s a winner. So I think it’s a good fit.”

George’s comments piggyback those of Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. “The Diesel” made those comments via his “The Big Podcast” following the Cowboys wild card home playoff loss to the 49ers.

“I’m putting this out there right now. Deion Sanders is the next coach of the Cowboys. Jerry Jones, this message is from Shaquille O’Neal Incorporated, Deion Sanders as the next coach of the Cowboys.
“You want Dallas back rocking? Bring Deion into the fold. Deion will hold those players accountable. Deion Sanders for the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Put it out, Tweet it, TikTok it, Instagram it, Only Fans it, put it out.”

Shaq is of the belief they should fire Mike McCarthy and bring in Sanders, who played in “Big D,” from 1995 to 1999, helping the team win its last Super Bowl in 1995. Holding players accountable is something McCarthy didn’t do too well this season, as Dallas was one of the most penalized teams in the league.

They had 14 penalties in their playoff loss to the Niners. Sanders is considered a player’s coach, but also a disciplinarian who would get instant respect for who he is, what’s he’s accomplished and what he stands for.

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George And Sanders Have A Great Relationship: Sanders Convinced Him To Coach

At the urging of Sanders, NFL legend Eddie George took the head coach position at Tennessee State. In his first year he went 5-6, but the team got better as the season progressed. George displayed a cool and calm approach as the team searched for an identity. The two faced off in the Southern Heritage Classic, with Jackson State winning 38-16 in front of over 46,000 fans at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.


George agreeing with Shaq is great, but Deion has done so much for HBCUs and Black college football as far as exposure and visibility in such a short span of time. As HBCUs and Black college football continue to build, the presence of Sanders is mandatory as he’s the linchpin that holds it altogether.

Lastly, Jerry Jones isn’t relinquishing control, and that’s what it would take for someone like Deion to take that job in Dallas.

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