“He’s Got One Championship, Before My First Kid Was Born”| Damien Woody Says Aaron Rodgers Won’t Join Denver Broncos, Fears AFC Competition

As the news broke that Nathaniel Hackett, who spent the last three seasons as Green Bay’s offensive coordinator, was hired as the head coach of the Denver Broncos, the “Get Up” crew immediately started discussing the likelihood of Aaron Rodgers ending up with the Denver Broncos as he decides his next destination after being eliminated from the NFL playoffs in the divisional round. 

If the Broncos are hiring the offensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers as head coach, what’s next? 

FS1 reported that according to Fox Bet sportsbook Denver was already the favorite to snag Rodgers if he leaves Green Bay, which most at least expect him to seriously consider.

Aaron Rodgers To Denver: Perfect Fit Or Too Much Competition?

In a spirited debate, Louis Riddick and Bart Scott joined forces against Damien Woody

Riddick thinks the union is a perfect fit. Peyton Manning returned to Denver late in his career to win his second Super Bowl and solidify his legacy. Rodgers could have similar intentions. And he’s much closer to his prime than Manning was. Peyton had other offers, but was comfortable with Jon Elway, QB guru Gary Kubiak and the weaponry in Mile High.

Hackett and Rodgers have been putting up numbers together for three years in Green Bay.

Said Riddick: “This is a guy he respects wholeheartedly and has full confidence in him…He loved how the coaches challenged him and took his game to the next level…You have to connect the dots. The league is all about relationships and familiarity and hitting the ground running during a time when practice time has been cut to a bare minimum…This is a natural connection to make between Denver, Nathaniel Hackett and Aaron Rodgers” 

Bart Scott was all for Rodgers joining his offensive coordinator in Denver. 

“Stevie Wonder saw this move coming. This is an opportunity for Aaron Rodgers to put his (own) squad together,” Scott said.  
“Denver is the best team he could ever play for when you talk about the weapons. Devante Adams is a great weapon, but he’s just one player.”

Scott proceeded to run off the names of Broncos offensive players, finishing the list with standout WR Jerry Jeudy.

“This is an opportunity,” Scott insisted. “He’s never had these kinds of weapons.” 

This isn’t the first time Scott said Rodgers was leaving.


Damien Woody slumped in his seat in disbelief. He doesn’t think Rodgers at his advanced age (38) wants any smoke with the young gun QBs and rising juggernauts in the AFC. 

“Bart named all of these guys from the Broncos, but I got some names for you too,” Woody said. “Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Derrick Carr, Joe Burrow.”

Woody doesn’t believe ARod would go to a division and conference with so many prolific quarterbacks to compete against weekly.  

“Let me go to the AFC, particularly the AFC West, where I gotta face those dogs week in and week out,” Woody sarcastically quipped. “And by the way, Lamar Jackson as well… I gotta face those guys?”

His argument wasn’t too persuasive as Bart’s counterpoint was that Rodgers’ ego doesn’t allow him to fear any of those guys. Bart let it be known that’s not how Rodgers rolls. 

“You’re going to tell me that you’re the baddest man on the planet. The guy who’s about to win back to back MVPs is afraid of anybody? Woody, were you afraid to go to the Jets because Brady was in the division?” 

Woody still wasn’t buying it and he attacked Rodgers’ legacy to support his point.

“Aaron Rodgers has all the MVPs, he’s about to be four-time MVP and only has one championship,” Woody said. “He won one championship, before my last kid was born.”

Riddick, who should be getting calls to interview for GM jobs, interjected:

“I’m going to agree with Bart on this. … It doesn’t matter to me if I’m Aaron Rodgers … who’s in that division. It doesn’t matter to me who’s in the AFC. This is a situation where he’s going to end up getting 47, 48 million per year plus in a new contract. … There’s a team in Denver that’s ready made for him as far as weaponry, improved offensive line and improved running game and a championship defense.
“He has a head coach who he has a great relationship with. I understand what you’re saying about him thinking about his legacy, but maybe his legacy would be more cemented to go out there in the AFC West and say I beat all of y’all with a new team. … This is a nice situation if it ends up happening.”

Stay tuned for the Aaron Rodgers sweepstakes, and don’t forget Russell Wilson could be on the move as well.

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