G-Eazy’s White Privilege Saves Him From Swedish Jail Time

There are enough white rappers in hip-hop that the impact of white privilege has been established for a while now. Meek Mill rotted in jail on a minor probation violation, a victim of an overzealous judge and inherently racist Pennsylvania justice system and it took a movement of thousands; fans, celebrities, influential white billionaires, and politicians to get him released. 

Conversely, white rap star G-Eazy got off living that rockstar lifestyle in Sweden and made his way back to the USA.  

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G-Eazy pleads guilty and gets no jail time for Swedish drug and assault charges https://t.co/TgJGFb8tXv

You know Black folks are looking at this situation sideways. And as much as we want to deny it, there’s no mental reinforcement that your culture has been appropriated to the fullest than when a white rapper still gets the “white person” treatment when dealing with law enforcement. 

It was reported over the weekend that G-Eazy had been released from custody after the rapper was convicted on the charges of assault and drug possession. The rappers Swedish lawyer, Mikael Westerlund, tells The Blast he was convicted of charges but was given no jail time and has left the country.   

G-Eazy was at a club with friends, toasting it up, and went a little too hard when he was busted with 1.5 grams of cocaine and rolled up $100 bill after being arrested at a nightclub for flipping on the security. 

During an interview with police, G-Eazy admitted to purchasing and using drugs, as well as punching the security guard in the face. G-Eazy was fined $9,000 for the crimes, $740 to the security guard and sentenced to 2 years probation. He may also have to participate in community service.

G-Eazy is one of a legion of white rappers that have risen to the top of the hip-hop game and helped the genre’s continued expansion and popularity as it rose to the No. 1 music in the world , accounting for 25.1 percent of all sales, topping Rock & Rolls value of 23 percent.

Maybe the law is more lenient in Sweden, but in the real-life version of Lil Dicky and Chris Brown, this situation gave us a glimpse into the lifestyle that the newly minted rap star is living and he needs to slow down or become a familiar cliche. 

His white privilege may enable him to skirt on serious charges as Eminem did early in his career and rappers never have a problem with an arrest getting out as it tends to only enhance their street credibility, but eventually, the many vices of superstardom will catch up to homie if hes not careful.  

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