‘Cracker of the Month’ | Celina Powell Channels Her Inner Chrisean Rock, Gets Alleged Tatoo Of Ex-NFL Star Antonio Brown On Her Face

Antonio Brown had a brief string of success after he walked off an NFL field for the last time in the middle of a regular season game.

He was affiliated with Kanye West at a time when Yeezy was popping and had Donda Sports Academy going and was still caking, and AB also had a brief run with some popular songs fueled by his social media popularity. 

Eventually, he couldn’t sustain the act and his messy personal life — from romps with IG models, to more run-ins with the law, accusations of fathering babies and his wild social media posts — pushed him further away from Hall of Fame consideration with every tweet sent. 

Did Celina Powell Get Tattoo Of Antonio Brown On Face?

IG legend Celina Powell was recently seen getting a tattoo of the ex-NFL star on her face. She seems to be outlasting all of the other women in his life, including the mother of his five kids. 

The couple has been rumored to have some kind of relationship for several years, but Brown always shoots down any confirmation of the association, labeling her as crazy.

Back in 2022, Powell was spotted on social media wearing Antonio Brown’s Super Bowl ring that he won with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This led many internet personalities and fans to assume that the two had hooked up or were dating. Powell, who is known for hooking up with different celebrities, seems to have waited in the cut and is reaping some sort of benefits from her association with AB. 

While the authenticity of the tattoo is yet to be confirmed, AB did respond. 

Antonio Brown Didn’t Like Tattoo

He doesn’t seem to like the tat or be in approval of her moves, calling her “Cracker of The Month.” But it does shift both Powell and Brown to the forefront of gossip media for the next 24 hours. They are a perfect match because they both go hard for attention.

Both currently have careers in limbo. Brown will never play again in the NFL for many reasons, including the fact that he is currently expressing the various erratic symptoms associated with CTE. 

Brown has not publicly claimed any deep-rooted relationship with Powell, and they seem to come to each other’s aid just when they both need a spark of exposure and some income in their lives. 

Was Celina Powell Clowning Chrisean Rock?

We will find out in the upcoming days whether or not Powell was really low-key clowning Chrisean Rock and her lucrative and emotionally draining relationship with rapper and her child’s father Blueface. Or she possibly could be making some connection to the dynamics of that relationship and her “relationship” with Brown.

If we want to dig deeper, Powell could have also been taking some shots at R&B diva Keyshia Cole, whom Brown did dirty back in 2022. Brown, who had a relationship with Cole that she apparently took very seriously, shared a now-deleted video on Instagram of what appeared to be a lower back tattoo of his initials on the R&B singer.

Alongside the video featuring the lower back tattoo, Brown wrote the caption: “You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva. #FreeAgent #KeepPimpin.”

An embarrassed Cole was forced to respond on Instagram Live, where she said she was “trying to figure out” her relationship with Brown, who had already made his intentions clear.

“I think he made it very clear,” she said. “He was like, ‘Baby, I liked you at first, but now I don’t — it’s a no.”

Antonio Brown and Celina Powell Clout Saga Continues

Brown is a loose cannon. People who are looking for stability from associating with him are looking for trouble. From the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Tampa Bay Bucs to Donda Academy to his beef with the other owners of the Albany Empire everything ends with drama.

Same with Powell, a devoted drama queen and proud groupiewho admits to doing publicity stunts for clout. A match made in social media heaven.

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