‘They Realize They Can’t Be U’ | Coach Prime’s Former Players Say He’s Crushing Spirits and Dreams At Colorado, Sanders Says It’s Hate

Look at the mess former Colorado Buffaloes prospect Cormani McClain started when, instead of just transferring out of Colorado, he threw some shots at Coach Prime’s program, he said: 

“I feel like I just don’t wanna play for clicks,” McClain said. “I actually want to be involved with a great leading program that’s going to develop players.” 

McClain’s comments fueled the fire for the anti-Deion Sanders crowd to go in, but the former five-star cornerback’s complaints were countered by some criticism as it pertains to his work ethic and accountability. He was known for missing team meetings and struggling to follow the overall program. 

These revelations softened the blow of McClain’s beef and labeled him more of a malcontent than a victim. The fact that schools haven’t moved in to scoop him up is also a red flag.

Xavier Smith Threw Dirt On Colorado Program and Deion Sanders

As more Colorado players transfer out and Deion continues to build his team through the portal and social media, another former Colorado player decided to throw some dirt on Deion on the way out of Boulder. 

On Apr. 29, The Athletic’s Max Olson wrote a story catching up with some of the 53 players that were told to enter the transfer portal by Deion Sanders and Colorado before the 2023 season started, and some of the quotes found their way back to Boulder, causing starting QB Shedeur Sanders to respond on social media.

Xavier Smith, a former player said Deion “was destroying guys’ confidence” and the coach forced him to transfer schools because he couldn’t take it. 

Shedeur Sanders and Other Colorado Players Defend Deion Sanders

Of course, Shedeur and other players came to Prime’s defense by belittling Smith as a player and competitor. Coach Prime responded to criticism of his treatment of his former player on Wednesday via “X.” It wasn’t a direct response, but everybody got the message in light of the recent drama.

“Folks don’t hate u because they really don’t know u,” he tweeted. “They admire u in a Negative way. They realize they can’t be u, think like u, talk like u or walk in your shoes. That Bothers them.”

Sanders came under criticism Tuesday after Smith accused Sanders of being a negative figure who didn’t uplift his players as his image suggests. Shedeur Sanders shot back, labeling Smith as an unknown.

Kaleb Mathis, a wide receiver and rising sophomore for the Buffaloes, made sure to get a word in as well. He tweeted a video of himself beating Smith, a defensive back, in a one-on-one practice rep. 

Both later removed the Tweets, but the message was clear.

Jaheim Ward, a fellow defensive back at Smith’s new school, Austin Peay State, shot back at Mathis for his new teammate, pointing out that Mathis managed just 38 receiving yards last season.

Buffaloes social media content creator Dalvin Truth got in on it by posting a screenshot of Ward’s meager stats in 2023 (eight solo tackles and four passes defensed) while imploring Ward to “take a seat.”

That’s where Deion Sanders entered the chat, quoting Truth’s post and saying “Lawd Jesus” to mock Ward’s performance.

The gloves were off at that point.

Of course, some social media folks were for Sanders, and some were against him. Same old situation. But Coach Prime had time for the BS.

When Deion took over he brought in more than 80 new players, so there’s always going to be change as he strives for success. When you have a 4-8 squad, nobody is really safe.

College athletics in general is one big cycle of disgruntled athletes hopping in the portal and sometimes saying disparaging things about their former school and coaches to deflect blame for their shortcomings. 

Sometimes what they say is true, but it doesn’t mean everyone will share their perspective. 

Rapper, community activist and football coach Uncle Luke chastised the players trying to criticize their former program.

Deion is always going to be in the spotlight, and its going to get hotter and hotter as the season nears. If you expect someone to respond you already know how he serves it up. 

Once the season gets in full swing and Colorado, now a member of the new Big 12 is winning games, all of the offseason mess will be forgotten.

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