“Do You Know Who My Daddy Is?” | Former Security Guard Accuses Deion Sanders Of Tampering With Evidence In Criminal Case Involving Shilo Sanders

In a shocking turn of events, Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has been accused of stealing evidence in an attempt to save his son, Shilo Sanders, from criminal proceedings in an assault and battery case involving John Darjean, a former New York Yankees baseball prospect.

Darjean, who went on to become a high school baseball coach and security officer at the successor to Prime Prep Academy, Focus Learning Academy, has alleged that Coach Prime tampered with evidence to help Shilo evade assault and battery charges back in 2015 when he was a teenager in high school.

According to security guard John Darjean, Deion Sanders’ son Shilo was “one of the roughest and toughest” kids in the high school, always getting into it and causing problems. The opposite of Shedeur, who Darjean described as “very different.” (DeionSanders/IG)

Was Shilo Sanders A Bully In High School?

According to Darjean, the incident occurred when Darjean tried to prevent Shilo from using his phone during school hours, which was a rules violation. It was an explosive end to a day, he alleges, that Shilo was terrorizing students and disrupting classes.

Something happened between Darjean attempting to enforce the rules, Shilo insisting on calling his mother and the altercation that ensued, which allegedly led to the security guard being hospitalized and in need of surgery.

If you haven’t heard of this story, it’s now resurfacing because Darjean was recently interviewed by Black Twitter public enemy No. 1 Jason Whitlock on “Fearless.” 

Deion Admits To Stealing Evidence Crucial to Son’s Criminal Case

Darjean says the NFL Hall of Famer and current Colorado Buffaloes head coach stole video evidence that was crucial to his case and admitted to it in a deposition. He also says Shilo was “one of the roughest and toughest” kids in the school, always getting into it and causing problems. The opposite of Shedeur, who Darjean described as “very different.”

“We were under investigation. And then he [Deion] calls the IT guy, said, ‘I need you to take all the videos, then I get it. Go take the videos.’ So that’s how he got his hands on the video,” Darjean told Whitlock.

Darjean continues: “So now guess what? We had videos of Shilo shooting dice and we had videos of alternate angles. So if you look at the video that we have, it only shows me pinning Shilo up against the glass and taking him down. What about the other videos? One, two, three, four different video cameras that we don’t have access to. Deion got rid of those. He got rid of those and now we didn’t have them for court.”

The 2016 personal injury case once litigated, led to an eight-figure legal judgement against Deion Sanders’ family including his son, Shilo, after an assault at the successor to Prime Prep Academy, Focus Learning Academy.

The incident would leave Darjean permanently disabled and financially impaired, despite winning a nearly $12 million settlement from the Sanders family. The attack left Darjean in the hospital for multiple days and required significant medical care, including spinal surgery.

The incident with Shilo Sanders cost medical providers more than $115,000 in medical care for Darjean at the time, and per court documents, made it difficult for Darjean to maintain gainful employment due to neurological injuries and damage to his cervical spine.

If Shilo was wilding out like Darjean says, Sanders needed to be sued. Nobody deserves to go to work and get attacked by a spoiled kid with emotional issues. Darjean paints a picture of a kid who was emotionally in shambles, hated his father and wanted to be with his mom.

Darjean said for over an hour, all you can hear is Shilo saying, “Mama, I hate this school. Come get me.”

Deion and Pillar Having Custody Issues Post Divorce

Deion allegedly begged “in Jesus name” for Darjean to grab the phone from Shilo, because his mom was allegedly recording the conversation. Sanders and Pilar Biggar divorced after 12 years of marriage. They have three kids together: Shilo, Shedeur, and Shelomi Sanders.

It appears that the break was roughest for Shilo.

Deion Sanders and Pilar Biggar divorced after 12 years of marriage. (Photo: Getty Images)

Once the situation escalated to a physical confrontation with a minor, the guard is perceived to be in the wrong, but he made a point of acknowledging that by law, security officers are allowed to defend themselves once physically attacked.

Darjean says the exchange escalated as he attempted to transport Shilo to the principal’s office and then the in-school suspension department.

Shilo Uses Deion To Threaten School Security’s Job

According to Darjean, Shilo says:

“Do you know who my daddy is? My daddy is Deion Sanders, we took over the school and my daddy run this if you take me to the principal’s office, this might be your last time working here you might lose your job. “

Shilo continued to be uncooperative and Darjean claims Shilo says that he “hates” his dad.

Whatever was going on it was talking its toll on Shilo and he was acting out.

Darjean won the settlement and will probably never get the total justice he’s looking for but, in a world, where Deion Sanders and his family can do no wrong, Whitlock found an opportunity to bring this resolved matter back into the spotlight.

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