Brother of Stefon and Trevon Diggs Under Investigation for Role In Alleged Elevator Attack, Potential Robbery at L.A. Apartment

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Darez Diggs, brother of NFL stars Stefon and Trevon Diggs, is currently under investigation by police for his involvement in an alleged elevator attack at a Los Angeles apartment complex.

The encounter took place on May 29 and the footage was obtained by TMZ Sports. Darez last played football in 2020 for the XFL with the Los Angeles Wildcats before the league shutdown.

The three brothers were spotted together on Saturday at “Diggs Day” football camp at the University of Maryland. Stefon, the oldest brother, hosted the event.

Stefon, Darez, and Trevon Diggs in the tunnel ahead of the “Diggs Day” event. (Photo: @stefondiggs/ Instagram screenshot)

What Happened on the Elevator?

The Los Angeles Police Department told TMZ they were called to the scene of apartment in Los Angeles for an alleged robbery that involved three men but they had already left the scene.

The video shows Darez and a male, whose identity was not released, exchange words with each other in the elevator lobby on one of the floors of the apartment building.

Then, the man tries to quickly retreat back to the elevator but Darez and two other men followed.

The two men who were with Darez forcibly pulled the male victim off of the elevator and proceeded to go through a bag he was carrying. They also appeared to snatch a necklace from around his neck.

The video footage from inside of the elevator also shows the two men kicking the male victim as he was following to the ground.

Darez barely put his hands on the victim from the footage obtained by TMZ Sports but the two did exchange words during attack.

No arrests were made nor have Darez or the other two men involved been criminally charged as of yet.

Who Is the Third Diggs Brother?

Darez, also known as Mar’Sean Diggs, played college football at Iowa Western Junior College, University of Alabama-Birmingham, and Morgan State. The 27-year-old is the middle brother of Trevon and Stefon.

He earned a scholarship to play at Morgan State after graduating from high school in 2013. He only spent one season there before leaving for junior college.

Darez went to Iowa Western and made his mark at the college level. He was a junior college All-American in 2015 with 32 total tackles, four tackles for loss, and four interceptions.

In 2017, the 6-foot-2 safety had one of his best college seasons while at UAB. He appeared in 12 games and made five starts. He recorded 39 total tackles, one interception, and one forced fumble.

Darez followed his stellar redshirt junior season with an even better senior season. He recorded 55 total tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, and two interceptions.

In 2020, he appeared in five games with the Wildcats in the XFL before the league shutdown due to the Covid-19 virus.

Darez has focused on his lifestyle brand called Blue Boii since not returning to the XFL after the league rebooted in 2021.

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