Bronny James Spotted On Date With Instagram Model Malia Agee | He’s Becoming The Celebrity King Of His Generation

Bronny James is inevitably developing into a transcending personality, quite like his father. They both are seen living out what for most people are fantasy lives, but in real time: Exotic locations, the constant center of sports and sports gossip discussions.

The only difference between father and son is we know who LeBron is going home to at the end of the day because he’s pushing 40 and has been with his wife since he was just entering adulthood and carrying the weight of the entire NBA on his shoulders while Bronny’s living a bit more carefree, and his woman of choice is generally up to speculation.

Bronny’s woman of choice is always a conversation starter, from his prom dates to casual sightings like his recent chill session with Agee.

This time around, the pending USC Trojan was seen with an Instagram model on a date, according to multiple sources. And the receipts are a photo that shows the two together.

Bronny James Dating IG Model Malia Agee?

Per TMPSN, among other sources, Bronny was seen with Malia Agee, a Savage Fenty brand ambassador, who goes by the social media name “Bobo.” Agee has over 80,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 330,000 followers on TikTok, where she’s garnered more than a million likes.

Bronny James was seen out on a date with IG Model Malia Agee.

Bronny took her to a restaurant and while Agee hasn’t publicly spoken about her date with the King’s son nor has she put anything on social media about Bronny, their presence together was noticed. Social media immediately began speculating as to whether or not they are dating or if the social situation was just a one-time thing.

Bronny also did not disclose any information on whether he and Agee were dating or involved in any romantic capacity, so once again the internet is going to speculate. But then again, the 18-year-old is only doing what anyone would do in his position. 

Bronny James Has The World In His Hands

Bronny has the world at his fingertips as not only the son of one of the greatest athletes of all time, but he’s athletically gifted and is worth a lot of money, thanks in part to his annual $7 million NIL valuation on top of any “support” he gets from his father as well.

In other words, Bronny is more successful at 18 years old than most people will be in a lifetime, and even lower-ranking NBA players. To be able to command a lifestyle like that would only mean you date social media influencers and models for fun, and you and your basketball buddies such as Shareef O’Neal, Shaq’s son, even have the opportunity to get denied access to rapper Saweetie’s birthday bash for her 30th birthday.

Dating Models Is The Regular For Bronny James

So, while the world is wondering what Bronny is doing dating this successful model, this is probably just a typical afternoon for him. That could be true for the model as well, as aligning with successful people that can elevate your profile is the game these days.

Another typical afternoon for Bronny also normally contains a lot of basketball and spending time with his superstar family. On top of his father coaching his younger brother’s EYBL team Strive For Greatness at the Nike Peach Jam Tournament, LeBron is often working with Bronny while helping him get his game pro-ready. With Bronny going to USC, he’s able to stay close to Bron, as he continues his play with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Bronny James Speculation Is Rampant

In other recent news, Bronny was projected to get drafted to the Hawks in next year’s draft, which got the support from his father, who eluded to the idea that he’d sign with Atlanta in order to play with his son. 

Needless to say, wherever Bronny goes in his pro career he will have all types of Instagram models flocking to him in any and every city. Again hanging with models and celebrities now just makes for another afternoon for the future Trojan, especially in the City of Angels.

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