Antonio Brown’s Meltdown Becomes An NFT That Could Be Worth Over A Million Dollars

Antonio Brown has taken over social media news feeds everywhere for many reasons.

Amid his dismissal from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the march to the postseason, Brown’s epic meltdown at MetLife Stadium is becoming an NFT.

The NFT Turn

According to reports, the non-fungible token expects to garner many bids. Brown’s moment went viral and is one of the most polarizing sports and pop culture incidents. NFT enthusiasts believe Brown’s NFT could fetch seven figures.

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The tweet of a shirtless Brown has garnered over 11.5 million views. The popularity of NFTs is at an all-time high, and football players have fully integrated crypto and NFTs into their revenue potential. Turning an incident like AB’s meltdown into a financial opportunity could be an example of turning life gaffes into economic opportunities.

The expectation for Brown’s meltdown NFT is that the winning bidder could pay upwards of $1.5 million to own the piece. Other NFL stars like Odell Beckham Jr. are also prominent in the NFT space, purchasing high-value tokens or being affiliated with NFT producing companies.

Making Lemonade From Lemons

Brown’s disrobing jaunt around the field has gone from infamous to potentially profitable. The timing is fitting, since Brown needs a job now that he has been cut from the Super Bowl-winning team.

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The Jan. 2 incident tested Brown’s commitment to the team, as it is a cardinal sin in team sports to leave your teammates in the heat of battle. In the second half of the game, Brown left the field after playing during the first stanza.

Many believed that Brown was displaying the effects of poor mental health with his decision-making. Some commentators even said he could possibly be affected by CTE from his NFL career. However, Brown went on the offense to defend his actions and his physiology from the public.

Clearing The Air

Brown went on the “Full Send” podcast to address claims about his mental state, and in the days leading up to the interview he exposed what he purported to be interactions between himself and the Tampa Bay Buccs to showcase his side of the story.

From head coach Bruce Arians acknowledging Brown’s injury on text to showing how he overpaid Tom Brady’s trainer for work on his much-maligned ankle, Brown issued a series of images on social media that he felt justified his grievances.

Brown also tackled the CTE speculation by articulating that a diagnosis isn’t possible until someone dies after an autopsy.


He also stressed the need for players to have “kumbaya” moments to find happiness so that they do not succumb to the rigors of being an NFL player.

As the world debates whether Brown will be a Hall of Famer or not, Brown is working to sustain happiness and live his life amid all the chatter about his actions. Now the NFT world has found value for Brown’s unique brand of “feeling too sexy” that got him fired from the Buccs.

Bidding for the NFT begins at noon PST on Jan. 13.

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