“You Can Hear The Alabama State Players Yelling F**k Jackson” | Deion Sanders Cursed At By Alabama State Players As He Did His Pregame Walk

Things got pretty heated on Saturday afternoon down in Montgomery, Alabama, as the Alabama State Hornets hosted defending SWAC champion Jackson State Tigers for their annual homecoming game on Saturday.

While the Tigers won the game on the field 26-12 to improve to 5-0 this season, it was the postgame fireworks that garnered all the attention.

As the two head coaches met at the 50-yard-line, Hornets head coach Eddie Robinson wasn’t for the pleasantries with Coach Deion Sanders beyond a quick handshake. He even pulled away from Coach Prime as the JSU coach tried to give him a “bro-hug.”

Robinson says he responded after a week of disrespect from Sanders and the Jackson State community toward his university and team. Robinson says he wasn’t looking to be cool with Coach Prime, because as he put it “they ain’t friends.”

There were some other remarks exchanged between the two coaches, Robinson even said “He ain’t  SWAC, I’m SWAC.”

But one has to wonder what Robinson will say during Monday’s SWAC coach’s media availability after seeing the video of his players calling Sanders names and even saying F- Jackson as the Pro Football Hall of Famer did his routine pregame walk around the stadium. You can even hear one Hornets player call Sanders a “B***h a** n***a.”


No way Robinson can let his players get away with that type of language toward an opposing coach. It’s uncalled-for and classless, even in a game like football where the rivalries are bloodthirsty, and emotions run high. Things were testy all week down in Montgomery after some comments Sanders made about the Hornets scheduling the Tigers for their homecoming.

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Money Game Comments Were Heard Loud And Clear

Earlier in the week during his media availability Sanders talked about how his team handled its lone bye week of the season, and what he thought of being the opponent for another Alabama school’s homecoming.

“It was brilliant to invite us there because, you’re going to make some money. But what comes with money? All money ain’t good money. But we gon’ learn.”

Those comments obviously rubbed Robinson and his team the wrong way, and they made sure to let Sanders know about it. 

Last season, Coach Prime and the Tigers throttled the Alabama A&M Bulldogs 61-15 at their homecoming, ending a semi-feud between Bulldogs head coach Connell Maynor and Sanders that began during the SWAC’s abbreviated spring season.

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Following the loss, you kind of get what Coach Robinson was getting as it pertains to a quick handshake and be done with it. But all the extra antics with his players hurling insults at Coach Prime must be handled appropriately. If JSU’s players had reacted in that manner they probably would be thrown off the team by Coach Prime. 

Robinson isn’t backing down, and he’s not trying to mend fences. He definitely doesn’t want Sanders to leave for a bigger job before Alabama State can get their revenge. Robinson also wants to be the Tigers’ opponent in Jackson for their homecoming in 2023.

“We going to play them next year in Jackson, and I pray they put us for their homecoming.”

This rivalry is just heating up, but the Hornets will need to win on the field and not just with words.

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