Antonio Brown Fractures Relationship With Floyd Mayweather, Alleging He Was Involved In Leaking The Dubai Pool Incident

Antonio Brown has been burning bridges in the NFL; many thought his newfound relationships in the music industry and pop culture would replace them. However, it seems that one of those famed relationships with arguably the most famous boxer in the world is broken.

Brown started his Sunday airing out his grievances on Twitter, and Mayweather seemed to be a big target. Brown fired a tweet that insinuated that Mayweather was behind the poolside video leak of Brown in a Dubai pool naked and playing with a hotel guest.

“Defamation of Character Jona rechnitz recorded sold falsified this video in something disgusting per source Floyd mayweather business partner,” Brown tweeted.

Brown was allegedly in Dubai on May 14 as a rapper to walk out Floyd Mayweather for his exhibition against Don Moore, which was switched to Abu Dhabi after the death of the UAE president, when he spent some time in his hotel pool. The video shows Brown jumping up and down and breaking the water plane with his naked rear end close to the face of a woman in the Armani Hotel Dubai swimming pool. Later, Brown and the woman playfully grab a clothing item before a short aquatic chase ensues, with Brown lifting the woman and tossing her into the water.

Social has labeled Brown as an abusive patron of the hotel, and Brown has gone on the defensive. He believes that someone named Jona Rechnitz released the video and that “Floyd Mayweather” is his “business partner.” There is no exact reason Brown accuses the boxer, but another tweet might indicate why.

In a video of Brown and Mayweather hanging out outside in an undisclosed public location, when a fan comes and asks for a photograph. When he tries to hand over his cellphone, Mayweather suggests, “my photographer got it.” The fan then walks over to AB for the photographic moment, and a perplexed Mayweather asks, “Whoa, you with me or with him?”

“You with us,” AB says.

There was also a caption on the video that said, “Floyd lil bean head ah,” with five laughing emojis.

In the past, Gervonta “Tank” Davis, a fighter in Mayweather Promotions, has made allegations that Floyd couldn’t share the spotlight with him. In April, when Davis was promoting his fight against Rolly Romero, he and Mayweather had press conferences on the same day, not by choice for Tank, who took to Twitter to air his frustrations.

“Lol n***a had a press conference today and fight on the same matter how much money you have you can still be jealous of a mf! Boy”

After deleting the post, Tank followed up with less obvious ones: “Case Closed,” three monkey emojis indicating the hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil meme, and last, “Ima get mine and then some!!”

Mayweather also publicly dissolved his friendship with rap star Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. However, Brown shows supposed receipts to validate his assertion that Mayweather was involved with the cameraman of the Dubai pool incident.

Antonio Brown realizes life after football is just the same as life as a player, full of publicity, false friendships, and notoriety. Starting beef with Floyd Mayweather, does that mean business is boomin’?

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