“He Ain’t SWAC, I’m SWAC” | Alabama State Head Coach Eddie Robinson Takes Shot At Deion Sanders Following Homecoming Loss To Jackson State

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The buildup for the Alabama State versus Jackson State football game was brewing all week. Jackson State head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders called the game a money game, with the Hornets scheduling the attendance leader in FCS football for their annual homecoming game. Sanders even made noise about the Hornets making good money for Saturday’s festivities, but in the same sentence, said, “all money ain’t good money.”

Coach Prime even added more fuel to the fire when he said he couldn’t wait to get to Alabama to “open his gift.”

Following the Tigers’ hard-fought 26-12 win over the Hornets, things became testy during the midfield handshake between the two coaches. As Sanders went to “bro hug” Robinson, he pushed Sanders away. The heated exchange was quickly defused on the field but heated up again in the postgame media sessions.

Robinson went after Sanders but complimented his work and his quarterback son Shedeur.

“I guess me being up front, I thought it was a lot of disrespect the whole week. So you’re not going to be disrespectful the whole week in the media. We didn’t talk in the pregame. I was out there the whole time at the 50-yard line. He walked through our whole huddle in the end zone and came the long way around to get to his side of the field in pregame. I thought that wasn’t classy at all.”

Robinson continued.

“So in the postgame, I’m not about to give you an Obama bro-hug. I’m going to shake your hand and I’m going to go home. I’m always going to be respectful and respect the game … I’m just going to show up for the SWAC. He ain’t SWAC, I’m SWAC. He ain’t SWAC.”

Robinson reiterating over and over that Sanders isn’t SWAC is odd. It seems to allude to Robinson playing in the conference as a player and now coaching his alma mater in it. That’s the only thing he can be saying with that remark, which means nothing in the grand scheme.

If Coach Prime did what Robinson says he did, maybe Sanders shouldn’t have. And if Robinson felt a certain way about comments leading up to the matchup, he and his team had their chance to shut down Sanders and his Tigers with a win.

Robinson Credits Sanders Work: Says He Loves Shedeur

Robinson credited Sanders for his work as the head coach at JSU, and he credited Shedeur for his play but also stated he didn’t appreciate the disrespect shown by Coach Prime and his team.

“So he’s in the conference, doing a great job — can’t knock that. Got a great team. His son should be up for the Heisman Trophy. I love Shedeur — great player. I love what he’s doing for the conference. Love all that, but you’re not going to come here and disrespect me and my team and my school, and then want a bro-hug.  Shake my hand and get the hell off. Period. You got the W. Great job.”

In some way, Robinson is correct. After a tough loss, a simple handshake should suffice. Now Robinson wants to play JSU for their homecoming next year. He also doesn’t wish for Coach Prime to leave for a Power Five gig, which he won’t.

“I hope he comes back next year. I pray he don’t get a Power Five job. We going to play them next year in Jackson, and I pray they put us for their homecoming.”

Be careful what you wish for, ER Jr.

Coach Prime Gives His Side Of Things

Sanders discussed the handshake heard around the college football world in his postgame presser.

“My exact words was, ‘Hey, man, you had them ready to play. Good game. Shook hands and tried to embrace and he pushed off. That was it.”

Robinson said JSU continued to pass with their backup in the game, and the winning result was already decided. But that’s not uncommon for a coach to do that if they’re trying to get their backup some quality reps, as he’s just one play from being the starter.

Sanders says he was upset because he thought they were going to win. And that wasn’t happening.

JSU has to schedule them for their homecoming next season, don’t they?

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