‘Why Doesn’t Jim Caldwell Have A Job In The NFL? Why Can’t Eric Bieniemy Get Hired?’| ESPN Get Up Crew Trashes Urban Meyer

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has done everything in his power to become a one-and-done NFL head coach.

From viral video scandals with young bar bunnies, to losing 11 of 13 games to alienating and intimidating his coaching staff and stunting the development of his franchise QB. If you’re searching for positives in Meyer’s first NFL head coaching season, you’ll surely struggle to find one.

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There is however a silver lining for Meyer, that will continue to be a dark cloud over the franchise.

As the growing number of talking heads, media and social networks calling for Meyer’s dome increases, Jaguars owner Shad Khan doesn’t show any indication of succumbing to public demands for his hand-picked coach’s head. 

“I want to do the right thing for the team,” Khan said in a statement. “I want to do the right thing for the city. That, to me, is way more important than just acting helter-skelter on emotion. I think we have a history of really looking at the facts and then really doing the right thing. Gus Bradley was here for four years. Doug Marrone was here four years. … You don’t want to be impulsive.” 

ESPN “Get Up!” Gang Destroys Urban Meyer

Khan was taken to the shed by the “Get Up!” crew, who basically ridiculed the owner for admitting that he’s “held on to terrible coaches before” as the basis of his defense for sticking with Meyer. 

Marcus Spears highlighted Khan’s response as an example of the losing-is-winning mindset that the franchise has. 

Jeff Saturday and the guys expressed concern for the development of rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 draft. He’s had a miserable rookie year, and it’s unfolding with Lawrence holding the 28th-rated QBR in the NFL (32.2) and questioning Meyer’s decisions and intentions in his play-calling, which has just further highlighted his deficiencies in other areas of personnel management. 

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Mike Greenberg chimed in with a desperate plea for the Jaguars to save their No. 1 overall pick. It was a kick to Meyer’s gut and a knock on his coaching ability. 

“Are we waiting for the franchise to allow this coach, who many people have concluded has no idea what he’s doing on this level, to stunt the growth at minimum of a generational prospect?”

Domonique Foxworth didn’t hold any punches. 

“He’s embarrassing the team off the field. He’s embarrassing the team on the field.”

They even criticized Meyer’s postgame handshake after Sunday’s 20-0 trouncing at the hands of the Tennessee Titans. Meyer briefly shook hands, but didn’t make eye contact or acknowledge Titans coach Mike Vrabel. He strolled by with his hand in his pocket. 

Saturday offered his insight: “There’s a way to lead men and that is not it. … We ain’t in college. right? We don’t walk that way, we don’t look this way, we don’t act this way.” 

White Privilege Lives On In NFL Coaching Hires

Spears applied the final dagger, implying that if Meyer were Black he wouldn’t have ever been allowed the chance to screw up the Jaguars franchise.  

“This is one of those things where I get very, very frustrated with the fact that it’s hard for Black coaches to get hired in the NFL. This situation bothered me so much. I’m not talking about a win and loss record. I’m talking about Urban Meyer and the things he’s done within his franchise. We got to come on TV and ask, ‘Why doesn’t Jim Caldwell have a job in the NFL. Why can’t Eric Bieniemy get hired as a head coach?’”

Those are questions Black sports fans have been asking for decades now. Urban Meyer will continue to get a pass as long as Jacksonville’s ownership makes excuses for his rotting culture in Jacksonville. 

Khan’s dedication to Meyer feeds the arrogance of a head coach that most people feel is in way over his head. 

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