Top 5 Worst NFL Coaches So Far | Urban Meyer & Dan Campbell Aren’t On The Level

Most knowledgeable football minds are in agreement that Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton and Sean McVay are currently the five best coaches in the NFL. Sideline stalkers such as Bruce Arians, Mike Vrabel, Frank Reich, Matt LaFleur and Sean McDermott form the next tier of head coaches.

But there are also some really bad NFL coaches leading franchises on a week-to-week basis.

1. Urban Meyer — Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 2-8

Let’s begin in Jacksonville with a great college coach who doesn’t seem to understand that the NFL is a player’s league. You no longer possess that seven-letter word you had in college, “CONTROL.” To have your team questioning your motives before even coaching a minicamp practice isn’t a good look.

Meyer had a major scandal before ever winning an NFL game.

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His team is playing hard for him of late, beginning with a huge win over Buffalo two weeks ago, but he’s probably not the answer in Jacksonville. He’s still trying to live the college life as an NFL coach, and those cultures don’t mix and don’t make for sound leadership.


2. Dan Campbell — Detroit Lions

Record: 0-9-1

Dan Campbell was hired as the lame duck coach of the hapless Detroit Lions, who still haven’t recovered from firing Jim Caldwell after back-to-back playoff seasons.

The questionable franchise opted for the bozo himself in Matt Patricia, who flamed out immediately in the Motor City. Campbell was hired to oversee a tank job as the franchise acquires as much draft capital as possible for the future. Campbell will surely be shown the door once those objectives have been met.

Detroit could easily be headed for its second winless season in the past 13 seasons. He wasn’t too amused with a 16-16 tie against the Steelers in a game the Lions should have won outright.

3. Vic Fangio — Denver Broncos

Record: 5-5

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio is a great defensive coordinator, but he’s awful as a “Leader of Men.” It’s not all his fault, as team president John Elway has failed him miserably in finding an adequate starting quarterback. But that still doesn’t absolve Fangio of some of his in-game adjustments and weekly game-planning, which leave a lot to be desired.

It’s safe to say he’ll probably be back as someone’s defensive coordinator following this season in the Mile High City. The Broncos would also be smart to send the overrated Elway with him. But Elway is a Broncos legend, so we know that isn’t happening.

4. Matt Nagy — Chicago Bears

Record: 3-7

Matt Nagy hasn’t had a losing season with the Bears and has made two playoff appearances. That’s likely to change this season with the Bears sitting at 3-7 and losers of five straight. In short, Nagy has lost the confidence of the locker room. Most of the skeptiscism involves his mishandling of former starting QB Mitch Trubisky and now No. 1 pick Justin Fields.

Nagy has also wasted and worn down a great defense with his anemic offensive output. It’s just awkward that a disciple of Andy Reid can’t field an adequate offense. He’s out in the Windy City at season’s end, if not before.

5. Robert Saleh — New York Jets

Record: 2-8

After rave reviews and respects for becoming the first Muslim to hold an NFL head coach position, Saleh might be one-and-done, as he’s looked incapable of head coaching at the pro level.

The Jets hired a guy who seems to be much better suited to coordinate the defense. He’s in over his head in NYC with a rabid fan base that has been thirsty for a Super Bowl since 1968-69 season and a rookie QB who’s trying to adapt to the speed of the game. It’s been an utter disaster.

Then he gets ripped by former Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who is now a talking head on ESPN.

Ryan did walk his comments back recently after speaking with Saleh on the phone, but this was a hire for the Jets that further shows that the franchise seems to have no clue what they’re doing from top to bottom.

Zach Wilson appears to be a bust, and having a defensive-minded head coach hasn’t helped the rookie quarterback at all.

The Jets had an opportunity to hire offensive magicians like Eric Bieniemy, Pep Hamilton and Byron Leftwich with proven track records as far as quarterback development is concerned. But they ignored the best and tried to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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