Eric Bieniemy Is A No-Brainer As Raiders Head Coach | Las Vegas Needs To Do The Right Thing In Wake of Gruden Fiasco

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s name has surfaced as a candidate for almost every NFL head coach opening since 2019-20.

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl and his playcalling and relationship with Patrick Mahomes was thrust to the forefront, Houston appeared to be a likely destination.

Texans franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson (pre-drama) was a huge supporter of hiring Bieniemy, but it never worked out. 

They chose old school David Culley instead of the quarterback guru. Bieniemy’s name was  recently linked to the USC job opening after the team parted ways with Clay Helton, but the belief is that he doesn’t want to go the college route just to become a head coach.

Bieniemy & Mahomes: Perfect Combination 

The records he and Mahomes have broken together and the championship they won and two Super Bowl appearances they shared should be enough. 

It’s crazy that he hasn’t landed a head coaching gig, and he shouldn’t have to leave the NFL to get one.


Who’s more qualified and prepared to run his own show? 

Look at the work he’s done in K.C. with the offense and Patrick Mahomes, which has caused a ripple effect around the league ever since Bieniemy became offensive coordinator in K.C. 

The creativity and innovation of the Kansas City offense is masterminded by Bieniemy. Oddly enough, he’s still passed over for guys who have proved nothing at the NFL level.

Rumors are he’s a bad interviewee.

That’s often an excuse associated with owners who don’t want to hire a Black head coach. How bad an interview can someone as bright and innovative as Bieniemy be?

With the recent resignation of Raiders head coach Jon Gruden amid homophobic and mysogynistic emails made years ago, EB’s name has ascended to the top of the list as Gruden’s replacement. 

It makes sense for a few reasons. Bieniemy’s departure would be a blow to the mighty Chiefs offense, and by weakening a division rival the Raiders get stronger.

Bieniemy is a tremendous cultivator of quarterback talent ,and Las Vegas has an underrated QB in Derek Carr, who is actually one Eric Beiniemy away from becoming an elite signal caller.

Bieniemy fits the bill for any NFL team looking for an upgrade at the head coach position. The Raiders in particular are in a tight spot and need someone who is a respected leader of Black men to clean up the mess left behind by Gruden. 

It’s not fair, but these are the type of jobs minority coaches tend to get. Situations that are chaotic or in dire straits. They love to put a minority coach in a position where he has to deal with a downgraded situation, like Ron Rivera has had to do while working through that ownership mess in Washington.

Hiring Bieniemy Is A No Brainer 

Former NFL running back and NFL Network personality Maurice Jones-Drew believes Bieniemy would have instant success if given the opportunity. MJD played for Bieniemy while at UCLA, and he was effusive about Bieniemy in an interview with the Daily Mail this week.

“I think once someone gives Eric Bieniemy an opportunity, they look past kind of the way he coaches and his style, you’ll see success right away.

Before he coached me, he coached Chris Brown, who was a Heisman Trophy finalist. Then he coached myself at UCLA, then he went to Minnesota where he helped Chester Taylor. Then he made Adrian Peterson an All-Pro — even though AP was really good, don’t get me wrong — but Peterson wasn’t the same after Bieniemy left Minnesota right? Then he goes to K.C., where he coaches Jamaal Charles, who has the highest yards per rush.

And then he becomes an OC there. Patrick Mahomes in his first year wins MVP, the second year they win the Super Bowl. Third year they go back, right! So it’s just like success follows him!”

Master Playcaller and Game Plan Constructor

Questions linger as to how much input Bieniemy actually has in the Chiefs offensive game plan. Just call him Reid’s secret weapon. While the official title of “play caller” is reserved for the future Hall of Famer, Bieniemy designs the plays and caters them to Mahomes’ strength.

For former Chiefs OCs Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy, learning under Reid was an asset toward securing a head coaching job. In fact, Pederson won a Super Bowl in Philly, where Reid coached for the first 14 years of his career. 

Eventually somebody is going to pull the lever on hiring Bieniemy. We already know how the people feel.

Time For A Culture Change & Leadership Upgrade

If the Raiders are smart, they’ll look at what he’s done with the Chiefs, who have turned wide receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce into perennial All-Pro talents. There would be no drop-off in pass snatchers if Bieniemy took the reins in La Vegas. 

Wide receiver Henry Ruggs III and dynamic tight end Darren Waller would elevate to all-world status under Bieniemy.  Also hiring EB would show that Jon Gruden’s inflammatory emails don’t reflect the attitude of the Raiders organization.

You’d think hiring Bieniemy would be a no-brainer for any team with exceptional weapons on offense. Let’s see what the Raiders do now. It’s a pretty obvious choice if they are serious about bringing a title to Vegas in the future.

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