Eric Bieniemy Is A Master Playcaller

In the Chiefs’ nailbiting (22-17) win in the AFC Divisional playoff game over the Cleveland Browns, the playcalling of offensive genius Eric Bieniemy (who unfathomably has not been hired as a HC yet) was on full display.

With superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes concussed on a dirty hit by a Browns defender, they had to turn to journeyman Chad Henne, leading 22-10 with over a quarter left to play.

Not once did Bieniemy deviate from this gameplan because the maestro Mahomes was out. He just designed plays within the scheme, that were easy for the long-time NFL journeyman to digest and execute in short order.

The trust showed in Henne to go out and run the scheme effectively was a sign of a coach who prepares himself and players to the highest degree weekly.

He allowed Henne to take shots downfield, as well as giving him outlets on the short to intermediate stuff. Even after Henne forced a ball deep and it was intercepted, and the game hanging in the balance, the Dream Team of Bieniemy and Reid didn’t get away from what they do best.

They still spread the Browns out and threw the ball to their weapons in Travis Kelce and Tyreke Hill. I understand throwing it on 4th and 1 with Mahomes and the game on the line, but with your backup?

That takes some real stones. The play call was to basically run a mesh concept and get Tyreke free in the flat, and get it to him. It worked and the Chiefs were able to run the clock out and advance. 

A lot of people think Andy Reid is the play-caller when in all actuality it’s Bieniemy and Reid will tell you just that. Today’s late-game playcalling by him is one of the many reasons a guy like Deshaun Watson let it be known to the Texans that Bieniemy is who he’d like as the next head coach.

And it’s asinine that there’s even a debate about Bieniemy as a top head-coaching candidate. Imagine the wizardry of Bienemy’s playcalling with Watson in Houston, as I believe he can do a lot of what Mahomes can do with ease. 

Finally, as a coach who loves the offensive side of football, I myself pick up some of the tendencies and nuances on display weekly when I watch the Chiefs and how Bieniemy uses his weaponry.

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