White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson’s Messy Personal Life Gets Messier As Mistress Hits Social Media To Blow Up His Happy Marriage Narrative

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson is still caught between his wife, Bria Anderson, and his lovechild’s mother, Dejah Lanee, and their fight to be No. 1 has spilled into dueling internet shade. Lanee, who has a son with Anderson, commented on a social media post that Anderson made where he said, “Real ones like me hard to come by, there’s only a handful.”

Dejah responded with four heart eyes emojis in the comments. That seemingly prompted his wife and mother of his other two children, Bria Anderson, to post a sentimental picture of Tim kissing her cheek with the Queen Naija and Big Sean song “Hate On Our Love” playing in the background tellingly.

That led to a response from Dejah, who said she was here to claim her spot in Tim’s life. She posted intimate videos and pictures of the two on Instagram to prove she was still in his life; one picture even had a recent date.

The Battle For Tim Anderson

The words she wrote over the content told the whole story.

“Yall see the blogs? That lady posting old pics to get me dragged,” wrote Bria.” I am so tired of this narrative bro. Should I post this? I am so tired of people dragging me for loving who love me? & He swear he love me but ain’t never defended me or spoke the truth. Weird I’m tired of mfs fr,” Bria wrote with a peach emoji after “weird.”

She also claimed he was with her for her whole pregnancy and posted a picture of them together, embracing while wearing intimate attire when she was visibly pregnant.

“Never gave sneaky never gave side. Mfs been NOT TOGETHER…kill the image. Bro it never gave he have a wife in the real world just a couple pics…” Lanee posted.

The online noise got too loud for Bria Anderson, and she released a “statement” via her Instagram Stories to address the drama and clear up the speculation on her marriage.

“I am a mother and a WIFE that cares about my FAMILY above anything else. My truth is that my husband and I are working on our marriage, and I’m not intrested in the internet games. I ask for everyone to respect my family’s privacy.”

Tim Claps Back … Allegedly

Tim Anderson allegedly doubled down on his wife’s statement and went online to defend his marriage and actions via a another Instagram account.

“Bih I’m the only one who control these lights over here…” IG user @devonseven__ posted. “How the fk you gone try to dim MY light on MY light switch…See that’s why I don’t be f*king around…I learned

“Turned a sneaking link to a responsibility…dn I let the h pop it tho….but if I pull the plug I can make all her light could go off lol … in real life” he allegedly wrote with a poop emoji. “I just love the s*** out my son so I shut up for him.”

The saga between Tim Anderson and his two ladies is messy and does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.

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