Tim Anderson Has One Home Run In 711 At-Bats and An Alleged Second Side Piece: Already With Child From Previous Affair, His Discretion Has Faded Like His MLB Career

It appears that Miami Marlins shortstop Tim Anderson has another side piece. According to the Instagram site @its_onsite, the MLB All-Star whose game has been on the decline for a few years is officially a serial cheater after reportedly having a “new sister wife” with whom he seemingly has matching tattoos.

The name of the woman has not been revealed, but they allegedly met in Miami and there is an alleged photo of her on the outlet’s IG post revealing the matter.  

Tim Anderson Hitting Miserably In 2024 Season With Miami Marlins

Anderson has not confirmed nor denied this, but his 2024 season as a player on the field has been pitiful. After leaving Chicago and signing with the Miami Marlins and with his marriage to wife Bria apparently settled, Anderson was expected to join Jazz Chisholm, revive his weak bat and help the Marlins get deep into the playoffs. It didn’t happen. 

Anderson is batting a career-low .220 with 0 homers in 218 at bats. The former All-Star now has a grand total of one homer in his last 711 at-bats.

It’s unfathomable, but much easier to understand when you see that Tim has his hands full at home with three babies by his wife, one baby by his first side piece Dejah Lanee and a relationship with a reported third that’s advanced enough for them to have matching tattoos — allegedly. 

In the midst of all of this, Anderson took a bereavement leave. No details surfaced about the specific cause, but it implies that Anderson was dealing with the death or serious illness of an immediate family member. An MLB player can be placed on the bereavement list for a minimum of three days or a maximum of seven days.   

Tim Anderson’s Extramarital Affairs, Turmoil On Field Caught Up?

While in the prime of his career, Miami Marlins shortstop Tim Anderson, then a member of the Chicago White Sox, became the talk of social media due to his extramarital affair with outspoken social media influencer Dejah Lanee. 

The situation ignited a firestorm of gossip around the player. Tim and Dejah’s affair came to light in July of 2022, when the IG model posted photos of her baby bump followed by accusations of Anderson being the child’s father. 

Anderson’s baseball career has been quickly going down the drain ever since his first extramarital affair was exposed. 

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At that point, he was an All-Star in his fourth consecutive season with a batting average of at least .300, and despite being limited to 79 games and experiencing some weird baseball moments, like when he threw Chicago fans the finger after they booed him for kicking balls around at short, he was being called a new face of baseball.

There was another incident with MLB player Josh Donaldson who called Tim Anderson “Jackie” during a game in reference to a comment Anderson made about wanting to be the modern day Jackie Robinson. That excited a mini-riot on the field, with Anderson not taking the comments jokingly, as Donaldson later revealed was the objective. 

Everything Went Downhill For Tim Anderson In 2022

2022 was also the season that Anderson’s personal life started spilling into his daily baseball coverage. The shortstop, who started playing the game in high school, began popping up on social media blogs that highlight alleged creep activity by married athletes and entertainers.

Also, he started losing his power at the bat, hitting just seven homers in 825 at-bats across the 2022-23 seasons, after reaching double digits in the previous five seasons, with a high of 20 to go along with a career-high 26 steals in 2018. 

The decline had begun. Nobody was really willing to attribute it to his hectic personal life. People assumed Tim was repairing his marriage because all was quiet and on that front.  

Dejah Lanee probably didn’t handle it in the best light, but that is more of a reflection of the poor way that Anderson handled things, which got increasingly embarrassing for Anderson and his actual wife Bria. 

Miss Lanee gave birth to Anderson’s child in October of 2022, but Tim didn’t publicly acknowledge the drama until a messy series of incidents via X that many people feel crossed the line in 2023.

When Anderson posted an image on his IG, the baseball world lost it and for a brief moment the most scandal-free players on the globe – baseball players – took center stage in the gossip mill usually reserved for NBA and NFL players. 

Tim Anderson’s Wife Bria Continues To Stand By Him

Despite Anderson’s infidelity, his wife Bria, whom he was married to for six years at the time, publicly stood by her man and engaged with Dejah in a back-and-forth that was made for soap opera production. 

Everything hit the fan when Tim’s side piece commented on one of his posts with heart eye emojis. Tim’s wife then posted a pic of her and her husband Tim being affectionate and happy as proof that their relationship is stable and Dejah is a homewrecker.

The two battled on social on and off for a minute, with Dejah even posting pictures of her and Tim cuddling up while she is pregnant and him being present pre and post birth, with a caption of her affirming that he’s been with her throughout her entire pregnancy. 

Bira responded with this message: 

“Moment of authenticity – I know we’re all on social media, but there’s a distinction between the internet and real life. In REAL life, I am a mother and a WIFE that cares about my FAMILY above anything else. My truth is that my husband and I are working on our marriage, and I’m not interested in internet games. I ask for everyone to respect my family’s privacy.”

Pretty messy stuff. As Anderson has reportedly gotten matching tattoos with the new woman, it’s clear that he is way too interested in starting a sister-wives community than being a great baseball player. 

Recent rumors will do nothing but further convince the Marlins that they won’t be re-upping with Anderson after he completes his one-year show-me deal.

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