Tim Anderson’s Side Piece Is Pregnant But Isn’t The New “Jackie” Married?

When Deion Sanders brought social media influencer Brittney Renner to the Jackson State University football team, it was to warn the team of the relationship politricks that come with athletic fame. However, Tim Anderson, shortstop for the Chicago White Sox, was not at that meeting.

Recently, Anderson, a married family man of two, had some uncomfortable revelations made public on the internet; he is allegedly the father of social media influencer Dejah Lenae’s unborn child.

The news comes when Anderson suffers from a strained right groin injury that took the All-Star to the 10-day injured reserve list during what began as a great start to his season.

Picture Perfect?

Anderson had maintained a picture-perfect image of father and husband, marrying Bria Anderson in 2017. During their relationship, the pair has had two children, a daughter reportedly in 2016, and a second daughter in 2019.

However, the way social media is set up, unintended receipts can inextricably wind up on front street. Over the weekend, Anderson and his wife were seen out and about in Chicago. The two attended what appeared to be a gala event from their attire and looked happier than ever.

Unfortunately, the next day, Dejah Lanae posted a picture of Anderson, making the internet abuzz with curiosity, and added a video with a baby bump.

In the words of Cam’ron, “Oh Boy!”


When Lanee posted the star baseball player to her IG stories on June 13, she added the caption, “Baby Father,” with a black heart emoji. In social media speak, a black heart emoji indicates a cold, emotionless feeling.

Anderson described the incredible life he has off the field with his family in a 2018 interview with MLB.com.

“I leave everything at the field and come home and be with my family,” Anderson said. “It keeps me in a happy place and gets my mind off of baseball when it’s going tough.

“It’s a beautiful feeling waking up every morning and seeing my daughter. She makes me become a better person. I keep her with me every moment and give her the love and the support and show her the world.”

The Family Anderson

The married couple, in conjunction with the White Sox, also developed Anderson’s League of Leaders foundation to give back to at-risk kids.

“He’s always been the sweetest guy, but it’s something totally different seeing a guy with his daughter, seeing them love on each other and bond with each other,” his wife said to MLB. “You can really see their bond is much different than the bond I have with her. She has a special love for her dad. He’s her first love.”

Now Anderson has a lot to think about while on IL.

The influencer has shared more videos and pictures of her pregnancy on her Instagram page, revealing the number 7, Anderson’s baseball number, tattooed in the middle of her chest.


From Jackie To Tacky?

Anderson recently went viral over his incident with Yankees player Josh Donaldson. During a May 21 game between the teams, Donaldson called Anderson “Jackie,” referring to Jackie Robinson. That led to the benches clearing out.

Now inquiring minds are waiting to see if he will be clearing out of the Anderson family residence.

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