Tim Anderson Gets Lengthy Suspension For Jose Ramirez Brawl And Let’s Twitter Know “Y’all Got Me F***ed Up Fr Fr”

Tim Anderson has had a turbulent year, heightened by the fight that turned into an on-field brawl on Saturday between him and Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Guardians.

The suspensions handed out for the Guardians-White Sox brawl were Tim Anderson with six games, Jose Ramirez with three games, and Emmanuel Clase, Pedro Grifol, Mike Sarbaugh, and Terry Francona with one game a piece.

Ramirez hit a ball to right field at Progressive Field, stretching a single into a double. Once Ramirez slid into second base, through the legs of Tim Anderson, and was ruled safe, he and Anderson had a disagreement that escalated when Ramirez got up and pointed at Anderson. Tim dropped his glove and prepared to go toe to toe before ultimately throwing punches.

Down Goes Anderson!

Anderson looked like he was getting the best of the fight until Ramirez threw a perfect right hand that connected to Anderson’s chin and knocked him down.

“Down goes Anderson!” the MLB commentator screamed, adding to the drama.

Anderson then began a Twitter rant in a series of posts that vaguely addressed the incident.

“you know all this happening for a reason …”

“we staying focus with this sh-t ..”

“been going through this sh-t for a min …”

“keep kicking on me while I’m down..”

“alotta mf been switching up too.. #fakesh-t”

“y’all got me f***ed up fr fr..”

“hope you picking up what I’m putting down too..”

“The Picture Bigger …”

Ramirez revealed that Anderson has a reputation for tagging players aggressively, and he felt that happened during an interaction with his teammate Brayan Rocchio during their first of a two-game matchup on Friday, Aug. 4.

“As soon as the play happened, he tapped me again really hard, more than needed,” Ramirez said during a postgame interview. “And then his reaction was like ‘I want to fight’ and if he wanted to fight I had to defend myself. I felt I was able to land one.”


The Tim Anderson Show

Anderson has been at the center of a romantic scandal with a woman claiming to be his girlfriend outside of his marriage. Anderson had an affair with Dejah Lanee, which produced a son. The two-time All-Star is married to Bria Anderson, with whom he shares two daughters, Peyton and Paxton.

“I made a couple decisions that probably shouldn’t have been made along the way, but I’m open to dealing with them and growing with them,” Anderson said on “The Pivot” podcast.

“This is what it is. I’m willing to take whatever smoke comes with it, and I just really want to be honest. Really, the most honest I can be with the world, with the people around me and the people I love and just continue to keep stepping by faith, having faith in everything I do and just knowing that all this is going to get better at the end of the day.”

Now Anderson has six games to think about his fight with Ramirez, which is just the latest reflective moment in the world of the Chicago White Sox player.

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